Saturday, December 31, 2011

Updating the House for Baby Number Six

Ah, Baby Number Six. Do you realize what you have done? You have turned our lives upside down (for the better!) and you're not even born, yet!

Because we live in a 5 bedroom house, we are now having to do some shuffling around. As of right now, all three of your brothers are sharing a room upstairs across the hallway from your dad and me. Your two sisters have been sharing the bedroom next to theirs. That means we have 7 people in 3 rooms. But it's been okay; comfortable, even! Downstairs in the basement, there are two more bedrooms (and a bathroom); a guest room and an office/computer room/library. But now it's all changing!

Because of you and your glorious impending arrival, it was discovered that having 6 children in two rooms --when we had two rooms downstairs --just didn't make any sense. But this house is old, baby. And we decided that if we were going to move the older children to the basement, we would have to make some improvements, even if they were small.

First up! The girls. It took a few months, but bam! It's finished! As of 20 minutes ago, the girls are moved downstairs! What we did to get it ready:
*Clean out/caulk windows
*Sand, prep, and paint (the girls picked out the color)
*Order carpet (they did it the next day! Wow!)
*Get furniture (we got the loft bed, two dressers, mattresses, bed boards, memory foam mattress tops, and a toy box --for the boys --all for $650 on KSL. Have I ever told you how I adore KSL?)
*Move them down!

The girls themselves put in hours of work --they were so thrilled to move.

Up next, baby, is to get #3 and #4's room downstairs ready (and move them), move #5 into where the girls' used to be (and set up YOUR crib in there, too!) and move the guest bed and computer/files/stuff into where the boys are now. Oh, and re-organize the master bedroom.

And we're doing it all for you, sweet baby. Because we love you! We've got less than 8 weeks. In fact, I'm hoping to get it done in 4.

Here are some photos of the girls' completed room:


Amanda D said...

The room looks awesome, Cheryl! Well done! And, good luck with the restof the changes. :)

Emily & Co. said...

L-O-V-E it!!!!!!!

Mormon Women: Who We Are said...

Rockin' awesome. Love it.

Cheryl said...

That bed is freaking awesome! Nice work!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Oh my goodness, I totally LOVE it! And #1's big smiles in each picture totally show how much she loves it too. :-D

Rebekah V. said...

We just switched all of our rooms around at our house too (albeit not to make room for a baby!) and it felt so good. It was so much work but so worth that feeling of " a house of order". The room looks great and the girls look so autonomous and grown in their room! Congratulations and good luck with all of the rest of the shifting around.

bythelbs said...

It looks fantastic! Good job! When you're done, you want to come do my house?