Friday, December 09, 2011

Random Post Brought to You by Me

Michelle Duggar miscarried her 20th baby. I'm making sure I don't read any of the comments on any of the news articles because I have a feeling people will jump right in to declare that they "brought this on themselves" and that they are "cruel to keep having kids" and "it serves them right" and any other harsh judgemental language you can imagine. I'm assuming this because when they announced their pregnancy, they got that same backlash.

My heart just hurts for them. I think anyone who has miscarried or had a stillborn child will say it: losing a baby is awful. It's heartbreaking. Especially if it was planned, wanted, and loved. Even IF it wasn't! I know some women who have a surprise baby, struggle with wanting it, lose their baby to a miscarriage, and than mourn like crazy because they realize they did want it after all.

I hope the Duggars will be okay and can find peace.


Today is Bythelbs' birthday! Huzzah! Just had to share.


I volunteered at the school today for their Secret Santa's Workshop. Does your elementary school have this? It's great! The kids can purchase small items from 50 cents up to $10 for the people on their Christmas list. What's even greater is that these kids can purchase them in secret, and they even have self-sealing Christmas bags the kids can take so their presents are all wrapped up when they get home! My kids have already carefully chosen their gifts for each other at the workshop and put them in the tree. I remember we had this when I was a kid --every year my brother, sister, and I would always buy matching mugs for our parents. Why mugs? I have no idea. We must have thought that mugs were cool because they were big and ceramic and breakable. You know, better than a pencil?

I was assigned to the 50 cent table today. Now let me ask you, dear reader, which table do you think a bunch of Kindergartners through sixth graders are going to descend upon when the door opens? I sold everything but one item on the table in less than an hour. I learned they had overnighted everything on the table because they had run out yesterday. It was madness! But soooo much fun. The kids were so happy to be spending money on their family and friends independently of their parents (although the school did send home envelopes so the kids could plan and budget their money in advance with parents' help). And the younger the kids, the cuter they got. They would timidly point to something or hold it up and say, "Can I get this?" And I would say, "Do you have 50 cents?" and some would say "I only have a dollar." Seriously --so cute!

I'll totally volunteer again next year.


Stocking stuffers are done! That's all, though. Still on the list:
*family newsletter to email
*finish all kids' gifts (there's only a few left)
*Gift for my hubby
*Gift for the grandparents, siblings, people we visit teach and home teach
*neighbor gifts

I may cancel neighbor gifts and only give to those who live immediately next door. That's only four houses. I can do that, right?


When I wrote my post yesterday about Santa, I was expecting more of a backlash from people who didn't agree with me. I was wrong. Turns out, 98% of my readers agree with me. It now makes me feel sheepish that I got all bent out of shape --I must have been more upset by the situation than I initially told myself.


December the 9th and no snow. I'm not too upset --I don't love snow --but I still hope we have some for Christmas!


Amanda D said...

I'm jealous that the school does anything like that. They don't even say Christmas here! I guess they try to be too "PC" -- no costumes on Halloween, no Christmas parties, no giving trees, no shops to spend quarters at. The kids are asked to donate food to the holiday baskets, but that's it. I think it's sad.

I am remembering now, however, that last year on the day before "winter break" they did a sing-along of Christmas songs and I was surprised how many kids were in the library because they don't celebrate Christmas.

Rebecca said...

You give gifts to your neighbors? You're such a good neighbor!

I was complaining about Christmas cards one year to my friend, and she said, "You send out Christmas cards? You're such an overachiever!" And I thought she was an overachiever for delivering treats to all her friends and neighbors. We only send Christmas cards to people who live far away. If you live close to us, you get nothing. (For Christmas.) (And probably every other day of the year also.)

Emily & Co. said...

I can send some snow...just saying! ;)

The Atomic Mom said...

You are right on the Duggar comments. Some of them I've seen have been nasty. I'm sorry for them too, after having a few miscarriages of my own.