Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

I saw this quote at Clover Lane today:
Childhood is the world of miracle or of magic.
It is as if creation rose luminously out of the night,
all new and fresh and astonishing.
Childhood is over the moment
things are no longer astonishing.
~Eugene Ionesc
Isn't that great? I think that's why I allow Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Halloween, and the exploration of the backyard until every rock is overturned and every corner is uncovered. Sure, it's more work for me. Yes, there are parents out there who believe I'm ruining my children for life by LYING to them (whatever), but I don't care. I had those things, and my childhood was full of magic and miracles, too.

The crazy kids are all dressed up for the festivities today. I haven't taken pictures, yet --I will tonight for the Trunk-or-Treat --but their costumes are:

#5: A pirate. A cute pirate. I will use mascara and paint a beard/mustache on him, much like I did four years ago on #3.
#4: Captain Rex, clone trooper extraordinaire! Complete with a blaster. That he got for Christmas last year. Don't you love it when you can recycle costumes and toys??
#3: Darth Vader. We found the outfit/suit and the mask (fantastic, high-quality one!) at D.I. for a steal. And then with the help from a friend (because I'm sewing impaired), I changed the Dracula cape to a Darth Vader cape (we just covered the red material with black material).
#2: She wanted to be scary. Her words: "The boys at school are always scary and the girls are always cutesy --I'm going to prove to them that girls can be scary!" So, she's a Zombie Skeleton. Or Skeleton Zombie. Whichever. All it took was some crazy hair, white and black make-up, some red make-up (blood) around the mouth, and a skeleton looking black outfit with a shredded lab coat over the top. Trust me --she looks good.
#1: A witch. She used my hat from last year and we got a great cloak (velvet) and a dress (medieval black). We painted her face green, and she had the nose and chin I used last year, too. Couple that with her Harry Potter wand and a cool broom I found at Target, and she's the real thing!

I'm going as a hippy. Easy-peasy (shirt, hair, peace sign on face).
Brandon is wearing his Letterman jacket. Circa 1994, baby! (year he graduated from High School). How much you wanna bet the kids will think he's soooooo old?

I still haven't bought candy. I tried to buy toys/Halloween pencils, etc. but it was definitely not in my budget to buy that many supplies. Candy just might be cheaper. We'll see. I have until tonight to get something --if the stores haven't all been sold out. Curse my principles! And my Halloween Procrastination...

So, did your kids dress up? As what? Do you dress up for Halloween?


Becca said...

Our Halloween budget this year is ... well, non-existent. Good thing our kids are small - Our 4 year old is going to reuse his Dash costume (this will be the third year he's worn it) He wanted to reuse his transformer costume from last year, but I think that is just a little too lame for me. No one has seen his Dash costume here, so it's probably safe. Our 2 year old doesn't care one way or the other what she is, so we're going to make her a paper doll costume out of posterboard. As far as candy goes... we'll probably go pick up the 98cents/lb stuff from WinCo. I am against candy virtually the entire year except at Easter, Halloween, and Christmas (because really, can you avoid it?) - and our kids are young enough that we can steal it all and get rid of it anyway.

Cheryl said...

My kids are #1..Dracula, #2...Indiana Jones, #3..A bat...#4 Rapunzel, #5...a puppy. I am not a big Halloween lover and so our costumes are either pieced together with whatever we had (Dracula), hand me down costumes (Indiana), homemade (bat...not great but he loves it, borrowed (puppy), or a birthday present (Rapunzel). I just bought candy on Saturday because we had our trunk or treat. We get a ton of trick or treaters at our house so we had to buy A LOT of candy!

Stephanie said...

Both girls are going to be princesses. I have the MOST AWESOME sisters who have children older and bigger than mine, so I just borrow from them. Lucky for me, my girls are still young enough to talk them into a costume we can borrow. I'm dreading the year my oldest gets a mind of her own. :) I don't love Halloween, so I refuse to dress up.

Dorri said...

#1 zombie, #2 roller derby girl, me a pink lady. This is the first time in more than 10 yrs that I've dressed up. And it was only because I dressed up with some other ladies and we all went to a singles dance together. Now that was the scary part of Halloween for me this year! Oh and I made the kids costumes from stuff a the craft store (the tutu) and the rest from DI. I heart DI for costumes.