Saturday, August 13, 2011

Triathlons and Colbert

Brandon has started training for triathlons. Have I already mentioned this? Today he did his first run-through in preparation for next week's triathlon (his first!). It's a sprint, so it's not too long (600m swim, 12 mile bike, 5K run). He finished today and didn't die while doing it, so we're both very happy about it!

I think it's hilarious because it's his next "project." See, Brandon has this amazing skill where he becomes slightly OCD about things --but only one at a time. He obsesses about something until he's pretty darn good at it, and then he moves on to something else. I've seen him do this with several things over the years, and although he doesn't necessarily become an expert in the things that interest him, he at least makes a strong effort! Because of it, he's now pretty awesome at camping, playing chess, playing the guitar, scuba diving, golfing, biking, video games (hahaha!), and now it's gonna be triathlons. I'm pretty sure I'm missing more, though.

He had to put all of his hobby-like obsessions on hold while he was in school, and so I'm not surprised he's picked something up fairly soon after graduating. It's just how my man rolls, you know? He loves to improve himself. And I like that. I'm proud of him!


This was just hilarious. The last few minutes might offend some, so be wary, but the first part of it is just plain awesome!

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Amanda D said...

What tri is he doing? Bryan did severeal while we were still in Utah. He's done a few here but not many.

I loved that video - it made me laugh so much!

Amber said...


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I think that Matt has that same kind of OCD. My only complaint is that each hobby stage is expensive.

And seriously, once school starts, let's make a lunch date.

Cheryl said...

loved this colbert report...we should be able to laugh at ourselves!