Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday and Darwin

I'm not back in Utah. I should be packing or putting on make-up or something productive, but the laptop was sitting here, inviting, and we're not on a schedule, so I can be somewhat lazy. Why I have been drawn to the blog, though, is beyond me. I have nothing to say (again). Well, I always have plenty to say, but nothing worth writing down, you know?

Last night we ended up getting caught in the rain around 11PM. Walking around Philadelphia (Society Hill) late at night in the rain (warm rain) wasn't so awful. In fact, it's quite nice. The architecture and cobble stone streets are, in a word, charming. Very charming. It charmed the heck right out of me! The heck, dear reader. The heck.

Speaking of Hecks, have you seen The Middle? Delightful comedy. I really enjoy it every time I sit down to watch it. Maybe because I can relate in so many ways? Perhaps. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

Why do we say "sit down to" when referring to activities that are obviously meant for sitting? I just said "I sit down to watch it" and then I thought, "couldn't I stand to watch it?" I could, you know. I could totally stand and watch TV at the same time.

And now for some deep thought-age:

I believe there is an insufferable amount of debate growing out there because of this not-so-new-fangled idea that "everyone is right in their own way" and that "truth is objective and changes from person to person." I find that interesting. Science is constantly changing. Religions even change! Truth changes based on opinion or new discoveries or what-not. This goes completely against everything I believe in, too. To me, truth is forever --it is solid, never-changing. It's just the human population that discovers it or catches glimpses of it. Sometimes they are so far off, but they believe they know it. And I'm not just talking about my religion (although I would argue that my religion encompasses everything. But not now. Because that's not the tangent I'm currently on. I am on another tanget).

For example, I'm reading a book where one character is absolutely convinced that religion is a hoax, Darwin was a genius, and that one day Darwin's theories will prove there is no God. I'm very disturbed by this part (I haven't finished the book) because I believe in God most readily, but I also believe Darwin was a genius. Why did the writer create an intelligent character that is so stupid? I mean, heck! I believe that species can evolve! They can. And they do. They did! There is so much proof, it's ridiculous when religious fanatics cast this science off as evil. Drives me nuts, too! Darwin was a GENIUS, people. He was given a gift (from God, gasp!) that led to the discovery of this awesome science. And Darwin's theories wasn't just about evolution. He had several other ideas and theories and stuff that people overlook in their quest to disprove his work. I do not, however, believe that species can evolve from other species. This plays into the truth that human beings are children of their Heavenly Father and were not just randomly evolved from another species. Ironic that there can be room for both religion and science, eh?

In fact, I was talking with my walking buddy about this one cold morning. She did biology in college, and now she's gone back to do geology. We talked about how I believe dinosaurs are proof of God's love for us. Serious! God loved us so much, he created this world and put dinosaurs on it (when? I don't know everything, dear reader. I'm assuming it was during the creation and perhaps while Adam and Eve were chillin' in the garden? We don't know how long God's time is compared to ours, and gosh-golly, it took a long time to make this earth! It did NOT happen in our normal-perceived 7 days. Seven days to Heavenly Father could be like 7 billion years, you know? And this earth evolved for a really long time). See, He was looking ahead. Because of the dinosaurs, we have fuel. Because of the fuel, we can travel the world. To me, that's a pretty good sign that He cares about us!

Science and religion mix just fine. It's all of us flawed humans who can't stand the idea that they do. Religious people without scientific knowledge claim the scientists are idiots. Scientific atheists without spiritual experiences claim the religious populations are idiots. I say they should just get along, already! Geeze!

Whoah, where did that come from? Anyway, there you go. My deep thoughts for this fine Monday morning. And now I must go. We are heading to Independence Hall where I can soak up some awesome history!


flip flop mama said...

I agree with you. I think science is a way to explain God's creations. They work together.

Cheryl said...

I agree with you as well...I have no problems with God using natural processes to create life. He always follows natural laws.