Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Tidbits

Man, I am soooo glad we had the flu over Spring Break! It passed through five of the six of us (and so far, Brandon seems to have bypassed it all together, so I guess technically it passed through five of the seven of us) in a relatively short time, we had no obligations or schedules, my parents and my brother and SIL were amazing and took care of my kids all day Friday so I could rest up, we were fed and entertained, and we had all this time in which to do it! What does it mean? That we are now home, back to the grind, and we are healthy again.

It's a good thing. #1's 10th birthday is Thursday, Brandon has finals this weekend (whoo-hoo!! His final finals!), and other stuff, too. I won't bore you with details. Sufficeth to say, it's nice to be healthy when one needs to be healthy, eh?

I'm gearing up for my Part II post in my "why I eat the way I do" series, but I did have one thing to say:

Eating the way I did this week (really awful) has shown me, more than ever, that the new way of eating (or the way I'm trying to eat) is truly as fabulous and truth-filled as I believed. Hands down.

I'm baby hungry. I keep seeing babies. We've had five or so babies born in our ward in the last month and it's exciting! But sad at the same time, because I want to be one of them. Improvement: I'm actually okay with waiting a little bit, though. I'm not as crazy about wanting to be pregnant as I was before I conceived #5. That's good, right? Progress, dear reader. Progress in patience. Which is quite laughable when I realize it's only been 3 months. Where's patience in 3 months? Ask me again when it's been 10.

Tonight we are going to the Carl Bloch Art Exhibit at BYU as a family. I can't wait! The girls have already been with their Activity Day class, but I see no harm in them seeing it all again.

Easter this year = starting the day alone (Brandon will be at school), going early to church for choir practice, performing with the choir in Sacrament Meeting, teaching Sunday School, a possible family baby blessing we may or may not skip, and...I think that's it.

Mother's Day this year = Brandon's graduation!! Best. Gift. EVER!

Happy Monday, dear reader!


Anonymous said...

That is the best gift ever!

Julie P said...

At the Bloch exhibit - absolutely get the iPad rental. For all of you, maybe 2. They're just $3 each and it added SO much to our visit. I hope you all love it!

So excited for B's graduation for YOU!

Cheryl said...

it's my #5's birthday on Thursday!

Radel said...

Love the run down of your week! Sounds like business as usual huh! Glad you are feeling better and had a good trip.
I started a new blog having a lot to do with depression. I think you inspired my by being so open with yours. Thanks! It is at if you want to check it out.

Handsfullmom said...


Thanks for the link to your blog. I'm enjoying reading it and getting to know you better and will sprinkle a few comments in here and there.

I hope your baby hunger gets satisfied soon!