Monday, March 07, 2011

Instead of Actually Accomplishing the Tasks on the Lists, I'll Blog About Them

The short list (haha!) of what has to be done to the office/computer room/den/whatever-it's-called-now-a-days:
*Clean off the entire desk. Dust it.
*Reconcile the HUGE pile of receipts.
*File the 3 "to-be-filed" boxes.
*Re-organize the five bookshelves (we love books!).
*Re-organize journals/scrapbooks.
*Clean out closet where journals/scrapbooks/file cabinets reside.
*Finally divide all of the kids' stuff into their own bins (exceptional papers/awards/etc. from school/church/more etc.).
*Dust everything.
*Put pictures up on the bare walls.
*Organize random misc. electronics.
*Laugh when I vow never to let it happen again.

Random short list about what's on my mind lately:
1. This discussion at Mile High Mamas.
2. New babies (my cousin had one, my SIL's are having one each, Ann is having one, my cousin is having one, our friends just had twins!).
3. Spring, Spring, Spring! It's coming! I know it!
4. #3 and I have dental appointments today. Blah. I have a small cavity, he needs a sealant. Should be quick. I hope.
5. Wondering if my desire to live in a small town with a garden and forest and lake and mountains nearby will ever go away. Probably not.
6. The garden. Must. Start. On. The. Garden!


Judi said...

Sounds like you and I have lots of things to do...yet here we sit..blogginb! Have a great day!

Cardalls said...

wow that discussion at MHM' is interesting and sad and made me ANGRY!. What a cop out that woman gave!

flip flop mama said...

That woman is nuts but I guess I'm just biased because I actually like my kids.