Monday, February 21, 2011

The kids have no school today. I'm downstairs hiding from them.

I'm just tired. I have five very stubborn, fiery personalities to raise and right now Brandon is out of town (yes, again. Just get used to it!) which means you can understand why I'm hiding. In the last 10 minutes there have been:
Four whiny tantrums
Two yelling matches
One threatening to revoke allowance
Five reminders to get dressed
One long explanation as to why we are doing chores on a "day off" which included "spending all Saturday and Sunday making the mess."

And all I can think about is how my parenting skills, which are in survival mode, are getting worse. Blah.

Maybe I'll re-read the post I wrote yesterday.

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Cardalls said...

I feel like I am in survival mode much of the time too(and my husband isn't out of town like yours, but my health problems are resurfacing). I hate that feeling! I feel your pain!