Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recycling and Fun Stuff. Yippee!

I just found out that we can recycle plastics 1-7 here in Provo! I feel so dumb I didn't know about the change --but I'm THRILLED beyond belief. We've only been able to do #'s 1 and 2. I just ordered another recycling bin because my carport makes me look...well... for lack of a better word... like white trash. That's it. All white-trashy. Because I'm white. And there's trash in our yard. Okay, carport. But you know what I mean.

They only collect recyclables every-other-week. And since we recycle way more than we throw away, that means I'm left with huge amounts of recyclables. In my carport. Like I said. It's slightly infuriating. However, I just realized that if they collected the recyclables every week (like they do the trash), I'd still probably need two bins. It's not because we're wasteful --it's because I like to recycle what I can!

Anniversary weekend:

*Three gorgeous ceramic stone washer-shaped necklaces (on leather) and one beautifully written card purchased for me from the Farmer's Market in San Francisco. (Brandon got balloons and chocolate delivered to him at school on Saturday).

*Candlelight dinner made by our children. We enjoyed raw nuts, a salad, and some ice cream with frozen fruit on fine china, with Michael Buble crooning in the background --and constant fighting between the children. It was followed by an impromptu dance in the living room. Bickering ebbed and flowed around us, but we couldn't have been happier, dear reader.

Best Anniversary Dinner, Ever. (Until the next one, of course.)

*Watched Bright Star and Iron Man 2.

*On MLK Day, we took the kids out for lunch, surprised them with the delightful movie Tangled (we rarely go to the theater, so this was a big surprise!), and enjoyed some time at the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point.

*I ended the night by attending a free class taught by Robyn Openshaw (a.k.a. Green Smoothie Girl). Green Smoothies ROCK. Speaking of which, the class made me realize I need to simplify mine more. I was making them too complex. So, here's what we had this morning (both parents and children!):

2-3 cups water
2-3 handfuls of green Kale
4-8 large leaves (including stems) Green Chard
Small handful of alfalfa sprouts
Few squeezes (a TB? Or two?) of blue agave syrup
2-3 small gala apples
2-3 bananas
Couple handfuls of frozen whole strawberries

Kids LOVED it. Downed it all in record time. And the fruit/veggie ratio was still 50/50. Woot!

What did you do for the holiday? The weekend?


Anonymous said...

Our recycling only gets picked up every other week, which is not often enough. Our house and garage are overrun with recyclable items. It drives me kind of nuts.

Angie said...

LOVED to read about your green smoothie this morning! It gives me hope!

michelle said...

We have two bins, and we fill them up nearly every rotation. So awesome to have that service.

I was sick all weekend. Ick. Missed seeing some friends. Bummer. Hope to see them soon. (wink)

Kristen's Raw said...

Green smoothies rock! Yum!

Off to make one myself now... can't wait!