Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011?! Wasn't it just 1993? I swear it was...

Why, hello, 2011! How are you? Energetic? Excited? Full of all kind of goal-planning and hope-filled optimism?
Give yourself a week. Maybe two.
I just spent the week with my children and my mother in California visiting with my brother and his family. The visit gave me tons to think about. Good stuff, though.

Each night, I spoke with my husband who is currently in Israel. I miss him, and I'm jealous about what he's able to see, but I'm happy he's there. He's worked really hard for it.

#4 got stitches on Tuesday night. He bit through his lower lip after spinning around really fast, covering his eye with his hands, and then hitting the back of the couch really hard face first. He was so brave, though! Didn't even flinch through the whole procedure at the InstaCare.

I met my former boyfriend's cousin's wife. Sounds crazy, I know, but still, I met her (she's my SIL's BFF), and it was really fun to connect. Ironically, we learned that we probably met at my former boyfriend's mission farewell 14 years ago. Not kidding. Small world, eh? It opened up a boatload of memories for me, and it was great meandering through them all on the drive home today. Or, yesterday. December 31st. You know.
I came home tonight to lots of cat poop on the downstairs couch. Apparently, the new kitten hasn't figured out the kitty litter, and Kaz decided if the new kitten didn't have to poop in the litter, why should he?! The incidence has made me love my washing machine even more because of the STERILIZE cycle! Woot-woot.
My goals for 2011:
Finally lose the 20 pounds (holy, cow, I sound like a broken record).
Paint some walls.
Organize the house. At least some of it.
My three-day Green Smoothie detox begins on Monday. After all the crap I ate these last two weeks, I'm gonna need it. Desperately.
I'm cold. Everything is COLD. Why does it have to be so cold in the wintertime? Oh, yeah...
Lots of blog posts coming up next week. I'm going to finally finish the China posts, do some Christmas posts, and then blow you all away with my amazing prose and literary synonyms. And cliches. And other word-like things. Until then, adieu.
To you, and you, and you!


Amanda D said...

Happy New Year, Cheryl! Glad you had a good time in California. I must admit that I am feeling "full of goal-planning and hope-filled optimism". I'm hoping it lasts for more than a week or two. :)

Looking forward to your posts!

Alison Wonderland said...

I don't do "goal-planning and hope-filled optimism". But I'm glad you're back.