Monday, November 01, 2010


1. How important is primer before paint? I mean, if I don't use primer, will I totally regret it later? And if I do use primer, is it safe? Breathing-wise? Children-in-the-home-wise? Not that I don't know anything about painting a house. Ahem.
2. Anybody know a good siding guy? Or girl? I'm thinking about new soffets. Sofets. Soff-etttts. Those things on my house that are a stinkin' joke, falling apart, and making the neighbors cringe.
3. If you were to pull the green turf stuff from off your front porch, what color would you end up painting said porch? Or would you leave it cement colored? What about great big mats, like "Welcome!" ones but without the "Welcome!" on 'em?
4. How often are your best laid plans destroyed by the presence of a sick child?
5. Corroon or Herbert?
6. Voting for the lesser of two evils is getting old. Very old. Luckily, my local politicians aren't so bad. Local meaning within 2 miles of my house. Is it getting old for you??

Answers, please!


Julie said...

It depends on your existing color, but I think priming helps (you know, based on my extensive painting experience *snort*).

I like cement color. And mats. Even ones with "Welcome" on them.

I was really excited about Corroon and now I'm not. At all. I'm voting for Herbert. Blah.

Oh, and yes, sick children ruin my life regularly (joking). But they do impede my best laid plans.

Alison Wonderland said...

Old doesn't even begin to cover it. it is for that reason and that reason alone that I just cannot pay any attention to politics. When I vote I call my dad and ask him who to vote for (our politics agree and he does pay attention) or honestly, I just skip it.

flip flop mama said...

I'm thinking primer helps the paint stay on there longer.
Leave it cement colored
Often enough
I vote because it's my civic duty and I do actually enjoy thinking that my vote matters. But yes, the lesser of two evil thing, way old.

Julie P said...

Depends what you're painting, what the current color is, and what the new color is. Ex: if you're painting something red, you want a good primer under it for red paint. My kitchen is currently orange, I'm changing it to blue. It's going to take good primer to color the orange before I can put the blue on top.

3, I'd leave it cement colored

5. Herbert. But don't get me started on US Senate. I'm refusing to vote for anyone at all. We all know who's going to win, anyway, so I don't feel irresponsible for not voting for that office. I just won't give either guy my vote.

6. YES.

Kellie Miller said...

Having just painted some of my mom's house for sale...Primer, YES!! Even better, pay the few extra dollars more and get the paint with primer included. Saves a step, but still gets the primer, which gets the wall prepared for the paint.
I have three childre, 6 and under, in the home we problems and we have asthma problems.

Amanda D said...

These days you can buy paint with primer in them so go that route and then you don't have to worry about it.

I know nothing about siding.

I'd leave in cement colored but my husband would want to paint it.

It seems like my kids have been sick for awhile, so I haven't had any plans destroyed. *knock on wood*

Corron or Herbert? Huh?

I'm tired of the election. I did more research this time, but I'm sick of getting stuff in the mail, sick of seeing the ads on tv and sick of hearing about it. I just want the results (which will be disappointing because the people I vote for here never win.)

becca said...

Ditto to Kelli's comment about paint/primer. Unless you're going for the distressed look, always prime new wood and sand and prime extisting finished on furniture. If you're painting walls a non dramatic color and you're not covering up a dramatic color, you don't need to prime but you do need to WASH the walls with a degreaser (TSP works well- just wear gloves). It will probably be cheaper than you think to cover your soffits with vinyl and you can get free quotes...always get three quotes. Seal your cement if you're going to leave it that color. You can always tile with pavers on top of the cement too:0)
Every vote counts.
It's getting through the crazy talk that's hard for me.

Stephanie said...

If you paint the front porch, you will have to RE-PAINT it sometime in the future.

Sick kids are no fun, especially because just as the first is starting to feel better, the other kid/s get it, so it goes on for weeks.

Corroon, because I'm a closet democrat. :)

I wish there was more information readily available for the offices that could REALLY change my life, like the local school board candidates or my local state representative.

bythelbs said...

I don't know the answers to any of these questions, but painting the front porch seems like work so I would opt for not doing that.

Voting for the lesser of two evils is a totally valid voting strategy. Maybe not a happy-making one, but still totally valid.

Cheryl said...

Corroon and Herbert were the two running for Utah governor...