Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Books Rock

I ordered three books from Amazon this last week:

I ordered this one so I could have my own copy and give back the one I borrowed from Ann.

2. Believe It, Be It by Ali Vincent
I got this yesterday and read it in one evening. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised! I underlined several things she said, but the most important thing I learned from this book was that if I'm going to accomplish anything hard in my life (hers was the weight, of course), I'm gonna have to stop thinking about it and start DOING it.

3. The Greensmoothies Diet by Robyn Openshaw
I bought this because I'm going to start implementing it into my diet. 'Nough said.

I'm working on our Costco family Christmas photo/card thingy. One would think a decision about a photo would not be so hard, eh? One would THINK!

My aunt sent me this awesome email this morning showing pictures of Queen Elizabeth II with the past 11 US Presidents. I tried to copy them to this blog, but it didn't work. Anyway, I loved it!
I would think that a woman who has seen the world since being crowned in the 1950's might have an opinion or two about national, foreign, and political policies, eh? Plus, she's so regal. I sure like that woman...

This story always makes me cry.


Jan said...

Haha, choosing a family photo is the hardest thing possible!! :) Love the ones Megan did of your family, beautiful. Miss you guys!

Heidi said...

It's Heidi (new commenter), and I enjoy reading what you write. I read about a blog yesterday that goes right along with what you're doing nutritionally, I think. Here's the link, if you're interested:
I don't know the author, but am also considering making some changes to my diet, so I like to read up on things like this. Best of luck to you! Thanks again for your interesting writing.

Cheryl said...

Seriously! And you know if you had lived right here I would have called you again, right? No joke, babe. :)

Welcome! I'm glad you left a comment. Thanks for the link; I'll have to take a look!

Alison Wonderland said...

I've been thinking for the last few weeks that I should give you the link to Green Smoothie girl, she was in my ward growing up, but I never did (obviously) it's a good thing that someone was looking out for you.