Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Mornings, Gables, and BYU Football

I used to be a morning person. All my life. And then I had children.

Most of you know I've tried to get up early to exercise for years and years --usually succeeding --unless I have a newborn. For a while, I figured my desire for the early hours had waned, and I had turned into a night person. Or an afternoon person. Maybe an 11AM to 4PM person. Anyway, my point is that ironically, I'm still a morning person! And I think my family are morning people, too.

Brandon is up by 5AM during the weekdays to study. I go out walking at 6AM. The kids start waking up by 6:30AM. Breakfast is (usually) at 7:30AM (unless I get a late start, as I did this morning), and scriptures are at 8AM. Kids leave at 8:15AM, as does Brandon.

I have decided that getting up with the sun, although it may sound atrocious to most people, is the best part of the day. You know that old adage, "Early to bed, early to rise..."? It's totally true, dear reader. Well, unless you prefer to get everything done at midnight. Then, forget what I said. ;)

This morning, I was walking by a house that sort of looks like this:
Okay, not really. But sort of.
It's a house with gabled windows, ivy growing all over it, a side porch with a swing, beautiful big trees in the front yard (one apple, too!), and this morning, when I was passing by, I saw through the window into the kitchen (not really on purpose, I mean, the lights were on and there weren't any drapes or blinds, and it was early morning, and I was passing by on the sidewalk out in front, so it's not like I was peeping or anything!), and on the kitchen counter (or table) there were rows and rows of what I believed to be newly canned tomatoes (or fruit?). It was seriously my dream house in every sense of the word! I've always admired it (literally for years) but this morning, I truly fell in love with it. What are the chances that they'll sell it one day? That we could afford it? That there's nothing wrong with it?
Ah, that's why it's a dream.

Two weeks from today begins the epic journey through China! I mean, I assume it'll be epic. How could it not be epic? But here's my question: Have any of you been to China? If so, give me some pointers on what to expect, how to act, and what to avoid. Or embrace. My biggest, most exciting goal? The Great Wall. Huzzah!

Sharing this because I love BYU football and I love Muse. If you don't like football, just turn it on and listen to some good tunage...


flip flop mama said...

That is a beautiful house.

Alison Wonderland said...

Someday that house will probably be for sale. But I don't think it will come with the freshly bottled produce. I'm just saying...

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Okay, be prepared for people to stare at you A LOT, and have zero concept of personal space. Also don't be surprised if no one understands anything you try to say in Chinese. If you're going out of the big cities. We really liked the hanging temple in (DaTong) and hiking the mountain at (Bai Hua Shan). I wish I could remember the name of where we went, but I'd recommend going to see the Wall at one of its more remote locations instead of the most touristy/frequented. Good luck. Have fun. p.s. We ate a lot of good food, but the Hard Rock Cafe in Beijing was a lifesaver a few times.