Monday, August 09, 2010


Bad Things:
1. I cut off the top tip of my left pinky finger with my brand new Cutco knife whilst-a-cuttin' some orange rolls (I made 'em from scratch!). It wasn't life or death, but the bleeding wouldn't stop. So, to the ER we went one hour before church started.
2. Today another person asked me if I was pregnant. This is the second time in about one week. Part of me shrugs it off; part of me is totally offended; most of me realizes I truly have a problem and I need to address it. Again.
3. #5 is allergic to something. Not sure what. He kind of has a rash around his eyes and mouth; it's mild and comes and goes, but I can't pinpoint when it arrives and when it leaves. It doesn't seem to bother him, but it's bothering me! I need to figure it out...
4. We're going camping this weekend in Yellowstone with our buddies. Not only has there been some recent psychotic grizzly bear attacks (they put the psychotic one down, luckily), two armed and dangerous fugitives are supposedly hiding out in the park somewhere. How fun! There's a 40K reward, though --hey! Maybe we could get lucky and spot them and make a cool 40K!?
5. My hip joint is out of whack. My right hip joint. I have a feeling it's connected to people thinking I'm pregnant. You know.

Good Things!

1. Today is #3's sixth birthday! Happy Birthday, buddy!
2. #5 turned one on July 28th. Happy late Birthday, cute boy@
3. Fabulous family were around for the birthday party this morning and the cutting of the finger yesterday. This equated less stress!
4. We're going camping in Yellowstone!
5. Brandon finished another term this last weekend --and we have a graduation date! May 8th, 2011. That's right! By this time next year, Wharton will be just a fond memory.


Stephanie said...

I think you should turn it around and ask them if THEY are pregnant, just to see what they say. :)

Have fun camping!!!

Annette Lyon said...

Amazing how time flies! I swear Brandon was just trying to get IN to Wharton and you were both stressing over it. And it'll be done in less than a year! Wooooot!

Julie said...

Wow! Congrats on the graduation date!!! Great news!

Sorry about the finger. And jealous about the Yellowstone. Actually, considering what's been happening up there, I'm not jealous. But I DO love Yellowstone so much, so I'm still a little jealous.

And what boogers are asking you if you're pregnant? Slap 'em for me.

bythelbs said...

(I left this fantastic comment hours ago, but then my internet freaked out on me, so I will now attempt to recreate it.)

1. Ew!!!
2. You do not look pregnant. And I'm not just saying that.
3. I hate mysterious rashes. On children. I, of course, do not have any mysterious rashes on my own person. And I'm not just saying that.
4. You are living on the edge. On the edge!
5. I have nothing to say about this.

1.& 2. Happy birthday to the kiddos!
3. Gotta love having family around! Except when they're not being so fabulous. Actually, I guess you still gotta love them. Or at least you should.
4. You are living on the edge. On the edge!
5. Now that's definitely a good thing.

It was definitely better the first time around, but you love me anyway, right?

Alison Wonderland said...


Cardalls said...

You could say, I am not pregnant just have a glorious after baby body...what's your excuse?

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

Love the Cardalls reply!!! that is fantastic...
your life seems full of adventure and fun...i always smile when i read what you're all doing.
fun to watch kids grow, go camping, and the misadventures that happen as well...glad to know that you can still blog!
yay for you and brandon...seems like that went by so fast...for us who read i'm sure, but not for you!
enjoy this end of summer trip before school starts again!

flip flop mama said...

Boo on the bad things. Yay for the good ones!

FluffyChicky said...

Have fun in Yellowstone! Be sure to wave at me as you drive by.

And I love Cardalls reply too. Awesome!

Moddy said...

I want to go the yellowstone, have fun.
My nephew used to get something similar around his mouth when ever he ate tomatoes, they figured it out after he at a bean burrito at taco bell.
Ick/ouch on the finger.
And I wish I had a graduation date, right now it could be Aug '12or Dec '12, which seems like forever, or maybe it just is forever.

Courtney N said...

You don't look pregnant at all! Maybe people just assume you are because we all know you want at least one more kid! : ) I think you're hot!