Friday, August 27, 2010

My Three Oldest

Having three of my five kids in school full-time is kind of crazy. From approximately 8:15AM until 3:45PM (well, starting in September when all of this early out stuff is over), it's just me and the two little boys. And just so you know, two is easy! Holy cow, it's a piece of chocolate cake!

Anyway, here are my three babies:

When did they grow up? Just yesterday, here was #1. How did she get so tall? (oh, and for the concerned, she got her replacement glasses yesterday, so her lesson has been learned: Don't lose your glasses!)

Here's #2. Ha! She still wears the same expressions (and wouldn't you say that #5 looks the most like her?)

And then here's my baby boy. Or big boy. *sniff

Good lookin' kids, man. They are good lookin' kids!


Kim said...

Ok I just can't get over how much #1 looks JUST LIKE YOU! It's like I am staring at your school years! Post a side by side it would be fun to see!

Courtney N said...

Dang! They are growing up so fast!! And yes, they are good lookin' kids! I wonder where they get that from?! : )

flip flop mama said...

Too fun!

Laura said...

They are all getting so big! And you are right... they ARE gorgeous kids!!! Better keep a tight leash on those girls. They are sure to attract the boys! ;)