Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blogging Is Not For Busy Mothers. Or Something Akin To That.

A long time ago, my aunt created this blog. The purpose was to keep in touch with several women who had been in the same ward in NYC. Anyway, I remember talking to her about it and I mentioned that I never saw a post by one of the women --one who had 6 kids. I asked my aunt why, and she said "Because she has six kids!"

At first, I didn't understand it. I had three with one on the way and I thought, "holy cow, this blogging thing is saving my life! How could this woman not have/make the time for blogging!?" I truly thought it was weird.

I even thought it was weird after I had my fourth.

I totally had time to blog! I was always blogging! Blogging was the stress release!

And then I had five kids.

Holy cow, people. I get it now. I truly get it.

I don't have time. None. Zip. Zilch. In fact, right now, three of my kids are doing heaven-knows-what upstairs in the kitchen, and my baby is in the walker eating a snack next to me and crying because he wants me to hold him. My oldest is with a friend, but I still have a gazillion things to do before the soccer game this afternoon, not to mention figuring out a dental insurance mishap. I cannot, for the life of me, believe, even for a second, that I thought blogging could be a priority over my children. Or that six children wouldn't limit my "fun things to do."

What was I thinking?!

Even after quitting three jobs (all flexible and free-lance-like), I still have NO time to blog. Less time! How is that possible, dear reader? Is the life of a blog truly only 4 years? Has the newness worn out? Have my blogging friends quota been filled? Is my need for it gone?

I'm not sure. I know I'll keep typing, but I'm not sure what to think about my blogging anymore. I think I'm caring less and less about what random anonymous strangers think of me and caring more and more what my children think of me. And my neighbor. And my husband.

I find myself reading several blogs, but I find that I don't have time to comment on them. Or even click on them. My computer time is very limited to bill paying and your normal day-to-day research (i.e. When does theater classes start for the girls? When are swimming lessons? How much is the soccer jersey?).

I guess what I'm trying to say as I ramble away is that I'm not sure what the blogging thing means anymore. Did I already say that? Maybe. See?! I don't even have time to edit!

Anywhosers, my point is that I'm like that one blogger lady who never really blogged. I have a lot of kids. They are young. I am busy. I will probably have more time to write in the future. I will have more time to write during the day, anyway. But for now, I really don't! I'm not going to stop, but I guess I'm going to stop feeling guilty for not doing it more. Guilt for something that isn't sin is stupid, anyway.

That is all.


Gio, Judi and Boys said...

I think i saw your number one at Macey's???? she is too cute! as for you not blogging as much...may i just say that i love reading what you have to write, however, i have wondered how you do it all the time almost everyday. i don't have that many interesting things to write, and mine is just my therapy and for family and friends to know what we are up to. and i don't have 5 kids, only 2, and one not even at home, and i don't have time....
your family will remember you more for what you DO with them not what you write ABOUT them.
More power to you!!!

FoxyJ said...

One thing I've started doing is setting aside a chunk of time to write several posts about stuff on my mind, and then using the 'schedule posts' feature to space them out. My life has been crazy this summer too and I only have 3 kids. I just got a part-time teaching position and I have a feeling my blog is going to suffer. And now I don't feel so bad that I rarely comment on other blogs and hardly anyone comments on mine either...

Julie said...

Love it.

I have found that the only thing I have time for, as far as blogging goes, is just updates on the family happenings. The end of my thought-provoking posts (did I ever have any???) came with child #4. Four was my watershed number -- I lost the ability to commit to most everything.

I love to hear from you when you write, but don't fault you a bit for when you don't!!!

Kevin and Lisa said...

Amen sister! I try to use mine as a journal also, so that gives it a little more priority but with school starting next week will I become more or less busy? Who knows!
But I do love reading what you have to ramble about! Haha.

Heather said...

I have months like that. But like Lisa said, a blog is a journal. After all you've put into it - keep going! You'll be really sad ten years from now that all those memories are not in here.

Have you seen how you can have books bound of your blog entries. Hard, paper copies of our journaling. Very worthy stuff!