Thursday, July 01, 2010

Call Me Secure. Because I Am In This Instance.

Hi. My name is Cheryl. And I'm addicted to caring what other people think of me.

And food.

And sappy romantic movies. But only if they were originally in book form, preferably in the 1800's.

Ooh! Wanna hear a cool story! Ready?

So, yesterday, my buddy Emily came to visit. Emily is awesome. She is, in fact, pretty incredible. I could list all her qualities, but we don't have all day. Sufficeth to say, she is waaaay cooool. Anywhosers, Emily and I seem to have a lot in common. We love our kids, we love healthy eating, we love the baking thing, we love travel, we love gardening, we love learning, we love the Gospel...but this is the funniest part. Which makes it kind of cool:

She used to date my husband.

I know, right?! Emily was Brandon's girlfriend before his mission (and kind of during his mission). They were very, very close, but by the time I entered the picture, they had both realized they weren't supposed to be together. No hard feelings on either side, too (which makes it a tad easier, dontcha think?). Anyway, I knew that Emily was a very important part of Brandon's life (or was) and so I decided, at the tender age of 19, that I would not be one to demand my husband cease and desist all relationships with former girlfriends.

That sounds weird. Even now. I know.

But stay with me. I realized that demanding he not be friends with any females just because he was married to me was slightly immature. So, I befriended Emily (and another one of his female friends, Bethany). She came to our wedding reception. We attended the Temple when Emily received her endowments. We attended her farewell when she left to serve a mission in Spain. We wrote her letters. We attended her wedding reception. We've exchanged Christmas letters throughout the years. And yesterday? She and her kids came to visit! Huzzah!

I'm sure some of you think it's strange that I would be friends with someone who could have ended up marrying my husband. But I don't. If anything, I think it makes me like her more. I mean, Brandon is the best thing in the whole entire world, and if someone else recognized that even a little bit? Even a long time ago? Just proves to me how smart they are.


evitafjord said...

I don't have opportunity (except I guess through FB or something) to be friends with most of my husband's exes, but one of them was a bridesmaid at our wedding. Of course, I knew her before I knew him. There are several others that I think I would get along quite well with. I don't think he feels the same about my exes though. Not at all.

FluffyChicky said...

There were a couple of girls that The Husband dated before we got married that became my friends too after I started dating him and they remain our friends to this day. But The Husband categorically refuses to befriend any of my ex-boyfriends. Go figure.

Julie said...

Love it. I don't think you're weird.

At least not about that. He He.

Alison Wonderland said...

I can see that it's maybe a little weird. But it would be a lot weirder if he was still friends with them and you weren't. And in that case what I mean by weird is bad.

Emily & Co. said...

You didn't mention that you invited Bethany and I over to dinner after you got married! You're amazing! Thanks for a PERFECT afternoon!