Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Expectations are for Suckers, anyway...

Schedule for Cheryl:
1. Try not to have high expectations.
2. Try not to yell too much at squabbling children.
3. Do more laundry.
4. Go to dentist.
5. Make stuff for Enrichment potluck.
6. Try not to have high expectations.
7. Do more laundry.
8. Apologize to God and children for yelling too much at squabbling children.
9. Try not to have ANY expectations.
10. Do more laundry.

And you?

I'll be in Idaho all next week (21st through the 26th). Although most of it is dedicated to my family (as it should be), I'm hoping to see a friend or two. Email me or leave a comment or whatever if you'll be around. Maybe we could meet at Rupe's!


I'm exercising again! Boo-yah! Two days in a row. Brandon inspired me with these parting words before he left for another long week of worky-work-work-work:
"#1 is home from school, Cheryl. Have her watch #5 and do your work-out. It's only 20 minutes, right?"

Right you are, hubby.

So, two days in a row! Yes!


sariqd said...

Love the post title! It made me giggle and reassure myself that I'm not going to be doomed with the world ending today. If THAT makes any sense!!! haha!

Enjoy your trip! I've got family & friends in Idaho so I'm a wee bit jealous that you're going there!

Amanda D said...

Way to go on the working out! I'm on day 2 of doing WW on my own. Yesterday, I over did it; but today is a new day and I intend to stay on track! Going walking tonight too. Woo-hoo!

FluffyChicky said...

I need to make a similar list. Sigh.

I'll be in Idaho that week too! :) Well, until the weekend that is. We should get together some evening that week. Then I could say that I actually met a blogging buddy!

becca said...

Aren't hubbies great for helping us realize the potential of our children that we're around 24/7? I'm here in Rexburg and you wouldn't have to twist my arm to get down where you're going to be because I need to see my folks anyway. Rupe's is awesome. Shoot me an email when you decide you have time. I'm pretty flexible. We'll talk gardens.

Stephanie said...

Do you think Rupes would deliver to SLC?

Cheryl said...

Fluffy, I think that would rock! I'll email you...

Yay! I'll email you, too...

Man, I wish!

Where in ID do they live?

That's the right attitude --just keep trying! Good job!

Alison Wonderland said...

Oh yeah, leave #1 to watch the other kids, absolutely! I leave the princess here with all of them when I go running. It's a half an hour and I'm in the neighborhood, what's the worst that could happen? (Ok, best not to answer that, but so far it's been fine.)