Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why I Don't Check My Email On Days Like This


Between 7AM and 8:15AM:
Sorted laundry, started laundry, fed the cat, fed the baby, fed the kids, got kids off to school.

Between 8:15AM and 9:30AM:
Got baby and #4 dressed, agreed to babysit some cousins, showered, dressed, changed laundry, did dishes, started grinding red wheat.

Between 9:30AM and Noon:
Ground the wheat, babysat some cousins, cleaned up three spilled drinks, made avocado salad dressing (from scratch, baby!), cleaned up snack mess, changed laundry, marked recipes for future use, kissed ouchies, fed baby, welcomed #3 home from Kindergarten, set up hair appointment, visiting teaching appointment, and babysitters for today.

Between Noon and 2:30PM:
Said good-bye to cousins, fed the boys lunch (cheese on whole wheat pitas), fed myself (leftover homemade crock pot chilli), nursed the baby briefly, changed the laundry, left bread to rise and went to Distribution to buy more garments, the post office to deliver packages, the gas station to get gas (go figure), and Target to get presents for #1 who will be NINE YEARS OLD TOMORROW!!, dealt with a crazy, crazy meltdown by #4 in Target, tried not to lose my temper, got all the kids home safely and without yelling.

Between 2:30PM and 5:30PM:
Settled the meltdown child down, changed laundry, baked bread, welcomed girls home from school, got my HUGE package of new clothes in the mail (HUZZAH!), had a surprise visit from our friends, nursed baby briefly, went visiting teaching, supervised homework, started making dinner.

Between 5:30PM and 9PM:
Made dinner (make-your-own chicken salads and fresh bread!), fed the family, supervised chores, changed laundry, had FHE, made smoothies for FHE snack (frozen mixed berries, honey, vanilla yogurt, milk, and ground flax seed), did dishes, got kids ready for bed, read scriptures, prayers, kids to bed.

Between 9PM and 10:30PM:
Tried on all my new clothes (HUZZAH!), changed laundry, reconciled receipts on Mint.com, made Brandon keep putting the kids back to bed (darn that 3-year-old!), nursed baby, finished laundry (none of it is folded, though!), went to bed.

And that's only the stuff I can remember doing. I know there was more...

What did you do yesterday?


FoxyJ said...

Sounds like my day: busy, busy all day long. And my middle kid was cranky and naughty all day and the baby wouldn't sleep. Plus I spent most of the day stressed because I was trying to fill out a job application online for teaching at UVU (still not sure if I'll turn it in yet, we're still figuring out what to do).

Thankfully today was better an I actually got up and exercised before the kids woke up. Funny how I thought I'd have more free time when I didn't have school and my kids got older. Hah!

Rachel Holtkamp said...

This is why I try never to complain about my days, and I only have myself to worry about. Let's see, yesterday, I worked, went to a study group for a final project, went grocery shopping, came home, tried to ride my bike, found out the gears are off, then went back inside to sleep a little before FHE. Went to FHE, came home, got to bed around 10pm, to wake up this morning at 5:30 to go to the gym before work. So, my day is nothing compared to yours :)

bythelbs said...

I don't think my day was nearly as busy as yours, but I did manage to shower, run the kids around to their various places to be AND make an actual dinner, so I'm calling it a successful day.

TaLaisa said...

Looks like you had an exhausting and successful day. Hurray!

I can't recall all the details, but in no particular order I do remember: Cubscouts, ran 2 miles, walked 1.5 miles at the park with the whole family, plyometric jumps onto rocks at the park, cooked dinner, showered twice, drank 1.5 gallons of water, bought paint at the store, painted a barstool and a clay pot and thought about becoming a police officer (in my sleep).

Cardalls said...

spent the day lying in a hospital bed....ugh! i am craving a busy day at home with my kidlets!

Courtney N said...

I spent the day hiking 15 miles down the freeway. It's fun to be busy right?!

Laura said...

You are Superwoman girl! I'm amazed by you!