Friday, April 09, 2010

We Are Quirky

#5 (cute baby):
He likes to grind his teeth. All five of 'em! His sixth one isn't in, yet --and it's his right front tooth. I thought it was supposed to come in before his eye teeth, but it didn't. I hope he has one! A right front tooth, that is.

#4 (looks-just-like-his-dad):
He starts every sentence with "Me" instead of "I." Example: "Me want some milk." Another example: "Me is really mad at you!" He also has continued to stick with the imaginary friend. His name is Caden. Or Kaden. And he lives in Mexico, or Texas, or Arizona. It changes daily. But apparently, Caden can do everything! And always agrees with #4. Of course.

#3 (gorgeous-boy-will-cause-craziness-amongst-the-women-folk-one-day):
He has decided that everything can be fixed by taking it apart, cleaning it, and adding new batteries. EVERYTHING. Even if they don't take batteries. Okay, well, maybe not. But he has decided that everything should take batteries. Then they would work better.

#2 (wishes-life-was-literally-a-performance):
She often sings. Often. In the shower, going to the bathroom, outside in the yard, in the car, at dinner, in her brother's ear. The ironic part is that she is completely tone-deaf --but I don't have the heart to tell her quite yet! She is, after all, only seven. I'll get her in voice lessons one day. For now, I just try to see it as adorable. Which it is.

#1 (growing-way-too-fast-for-my-taste):
She struggles with the grown-up thing. This, I believe, is a common crisis amongst first-born children. She wants to do big things like cook, change diapers, do dishes (I know, this is totally weird) --but then she acts like she's three when she wants something. Or doesn't like it when the little boys get something she didn't get. This is normal, right? I figured it was normal...

He loves steak, but hates steak-sauce. He'll take out nasty garbage and change diapers but refuses to clean a toilet. He irons all his clothes and makes our bed every morning. For more than a decade he wore the wrong size of shoe because he thought the tightness was normal due to his wide feet. His cooking abilities are amazing. He has to have noise in his ear in order to sleep at night (earphones with TV or radio).

All my quirkiness lies within my blog. Read at your leisure.


Anonymous said...

Love these fun facts!

FoxyJ said...

My oldest sings all the time too; she's the same age so I wonder if it's a six/seven-year-old girl thing. She also acts like a mother hen half the time and total baby the other half of the time. It really must be an oldest-child issue.

Julie said...

I like your quirkiness. Very, very much, in fact.

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

love it...and when i picture you all in my mind as i read this post i can see it...
quikiness is proud!

Moddy said...

So funny, I hope it was meant to be funny :). My 6 yr old loves to sing in her brother's ear too, I'm sure only because she knows it drives him nuts. Oh and she has an imaginary friend who gets to do everything Miss Magoo can't do, cause she has a cooler mom than I am.