Monday, March 01, 2010

Post #969

I started Jillian Michael's 30 day shred this morning. After 20 minutes without using the weights (thanks for the tip, Lisa!), I about died.

I'm gonna love this!

Warning: Female stuff

So, birth control. I've always been a fan of having a period (because it's seems natural and healthy and what-not) and so for years I would never even think about using something that would stop, prevent, or lighten my period. I used the pill, I used NuvaRing (yuck), I used the mini-pill (blah!!!), and I used the Paraguard IUD. By far, the Paraguard was the best thing EVER, except every month I bled as if the flood gates had opened. It was not fun. But still the best birth control ever!
Then some relatives and friends convinced me to try the Mirena. Actually, my midwife was finally the one to convince me --all she had to do was explain it in detail. So, I tried it.
And I love it.
It's like the Paraguard, except the low hormones thin out the lining so no implantation can occur. For the first few months, though, I lightly bled every day. I didn't like that, but because it was so light, it really wasn't a big deal. Then I had two months of one day periods. Now I have had two months of one minute periods (basically, I know it's my period, but I don't have to wear anything).
I love, love, love it. I'm completely converted.

That is all about that.
The earthquake in Chile kind of freaked me out. Not in a panic way, but in a "whoah. These are seriously the last days, yo" kind of way.
They are, you know.
Tomorrow is the big weigh-in! I'm actually looking forward to it. Not sure why, since I ate cheesecake all weekend. But you guys better do it!
My life is so busy. So busy that I decided to resign my post at Avenia Bridal. I passed it onto my SIL who will ROCK at it and do a better job than I am doing. I'm sad in a way, but I realized my time right now needs to be spent mothering my five crazies. It's a full-time thing, and #4 was feeling neglected. I'm still keeping my piano students (for now), but I'm grateful I have the choice to quit my job. Not many women do.
Okay, quick! Answer these four questions:
1. What is your favorite fancy restaurant?
2. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
3. What is your favorite type of donut?
4. What is your favorite type of salad?

Love you, dear reader!

P.S. Sorry for no linkage to stuff. I usually rock at that, but I'm kind of being all "lazy" and "neglectful" and "apathetic" today. Meh.


FoxyJ said...

Ooh--I'm first!

1. We don't eat at many 'fancy' restaurants, but we really liked Pizzeria 712 in Orem when we ate there. Does that count as 'fancy'?

2. For fast food I like In-N-Out or Wendys

3. I like old-fashioned donuts, but I'd rather have a chocolate filled croissant than a donut.

4. My favorite salad is Greek salad with lots of feta cheese and olives. Mmmm....

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

First of all, on the Mirena...I told you so. ;)

Now for your questions:
1. Le Nonne in Logan (Fancy Italian...not Americanized Italian!)
2. Wendy's (can't get enough of that 99 cent crispy chicken sandwich)
3. Cake donuts...preferably white or yellow cake with chocolate frosting
4. spinach and romaine salad with olives, tomatoes, mozarella cheese, and grilled chicken strips on top. :)

PS-Thanks again...I miss you already!

cheryl said...

1. We seriously never do fancy...I do love a really yummy steakhouse however!

2. In N Out or Five Guys or Wendy's

3. Chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting...MMMMM you make have started a pregnant craving!

4. Cafe Rio Salad...sweet pork, black beans, tomatillo dressing...another craving coming!

bythelbs said...

That's a lot of posts!

1. I don't eat at fancy restaurants. To us, Outback is fancy.
2. Hrmmm...Does Bajio count? It doesn't have a drive-thru, but it's somewhat fast.
3. This one's easy. Maple bar, baby!
4. I love taco salad.

TaLaisa said...

No handweights?! I'm totally weighing in tomorrow. And from my early estimates it may not be as bad as I'd thought. Although I have lost 3 weeks and gained 4 of the 8 back. I'm going for the roots this time. No hacking at the leaves!

I'm a scary lady on any form of hormonal birth control. My husband took care of that.

1. Favorite fancy? The Roof. Bambara in Salt Lake is a close second.
2. Subway
3. homemade. hot. delicious.
4. I have so many favorite types of salad, I love salad! I make a wicked awesome Lemon Salad with a lemony dressing, blue cheese, spiced pecans and bitter greens. That's my fave!

evitafjord said...

When I heard about the earthquake in Chile, I broke into an impromptu song about the end of days, which my husband mocked in a loving way (thinking back, I should have just gone with REM).

1. The Four Seasons in NYC. I think that's the only place I've ever been that I'd call fancy.
2. Subway, unless I'm in the mood for a Frosty.
3. Maple-glazed old fashioneds.
4. Caesar - or spinach.

Kara said...

1. Flemmings

2. Bojangles or Cheeburger Cheeburger (both in the east)

3. Bismark

4. Taco salad

I use Mirena too, love it.

Alison Wonderland said...

!. I know nothing about fancy restaurants.

@. Five guys (burgers but not actually fast food). Betos.

#. Chocolate glazed.

$. Green.

(Yeah, I saw that those aren't numbers. But I decided to go with it.)

Kevin and Lisa said...

Told you about the weights. I did her this morning and can almost use weights for each exercise, but only on the Level 1. Although, I don't think Level 2 and 3 are THAT much harder. I think she whoops you pretty good on Lvl 1. Hooray--I'm glad you started. Good luck. I tried Kettlebells (sp?) yesterday. I'm liking those, too.
1. Fancy? What's that?
2. Wendy's or Subway
3. Glaze or cinnamon sugar
4. A new one we just discovered with bow tie noodles soaked in teriyaki/vinagraitte with spinach, craisins, nuts, just about anything you can find in your cupboard.

Becky, I have 2 cats said...

Looooove hormonal birth control. It was the only thing that really cleared up my teenage skin breakouts that were still happening well into my 20s.

-Del Taco
-Chocolate cake with chocolate icing
-My own mish-mash of random veg/beans/greens with balsamic vinaigrette.

nweames said...

1. Amerigo's in Nashville.-- Fantastic Italian

2. Arby's - can't beat a regular roast beef or a toasted sub. YUM!!

3. Glazed Old Fashioned cake

4. My mom's Potato salad, or a green salad with toasted nuts, dried cranberries, onions, chopped apples, celery and a light italian dressing.