Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Biggest Loser and American Idol. Reversed.

American Idol Girls:
I watched it! Hooray! My TiVo is recording again! More hooray!
Who I Love:
Who I Like:

The rest are okay. Nothin' fabulous, but not awful, either. What did you think?

Last Week, I weighed this:

This week, I weigh this!

I've lost over three pounds!
You wanna know why?
1. I am exercising at least four times a week now. It's only 20 minutes, but 20 minutes of a Jillian Michaels DVD makes for a very tough workout.
2. I'm eating better. I'll tell you about that later today in my Part II post.

Thoughts on the show:
I absolutely loved last night's show for a couple of reasons. First, there wasn't any crazy drama. I get so tired of drama! But last night just showed love, service, friendship, and hard work. I loved it. The second thing I loved was "work week." What a great idea! What was even better was the fact that they were volunteering at the food bank. My favorite quote was from Sam:
I used to live to eat. These people are eating to live. If you can't stop over-eating for your own sake, there's no harm it doing it for someone else, eh?

Thoughts on weight loss:
I'm feeling good. I'm in the groove. And I think I owe it to some patience and perseverance. It would have been really easy to just give up. To say "Oh, I'm nursing, so I shouldn't worry about it right now," or "I keep losing and gaining, so what's the point?" or "The baby cries every day during my 20 minute work-out, regardless of how full, dry, or happy he is. I should just quit."
But I didn't. And I don't.

And neither should you! Don't give up.

Now, report!


Kimberly said...

155.0 this week. I'm down, but can't remember how much. Only 15 lbs to go!

Tamra said...

I actually liked Katelyn too, although her coldplay performance was better than this weeks. I was super stoked that she played a wurlitzer - one of my favorite keyboards!

evitafjord said...

193.6, down 1 pound even. Slow and steady.