Thursday, February 18, 2010

American Idol Has Begun. Sort Of.

So, I promise I'll start my AI posts next week when the actual singing/voting commences. But I had some thoughts...

First of all: I hate it when contestants cry and whine and say "this was my last chance" or "this was the only way to support my family" or "if I don't make it here, it's over" because that's just crap.
Look, I know the music industry is hard. Harder than hard. To get ANYONE to look at you, let alone someone who can give you a record deal is akin to Dante's Inferno. I get it. I know it's tough. But you know what? It's NOT your last chance. You know why? You can get a job. You can go to college. Can't get into a University? Go to community college. Can't do that? Go to vocational school. Then get another job. Work hard, scrimp, save and then one day: Voila! You will have provided for your family. It may not be as easy as sudden fame, but it sure beats the heck out of "I'm all out of options! I might as well send my children to the sewer!"
Bugs me to death.
Had to get that out.

As far as this year's contestants go, I'm pleased. I think it's going to be a woman's turn to win. I'm really liking that Crystal Bowersox (although she might need some teeth-whitening. Just sayin'.)
Other contestants I'm digging:
Andrew Garcia
Casey James
Janell Wheeler
Lacey Brown
Lilly Scott
Tyler Grady
John Park

I reserve the right to change my mind after I've heard them all sing, of course. Who do you like?


Julie said...

My faves so far are Crystal Bowersox (who needs more than whitening...she's gonna need some veneers, but that's what the Idol makeover team is all about, right?!), John Park (who I'm hoping will benefit from the lack of Hollywood Week camera time), Casey James (who will fill my Jason Castro, Michael Johns crush role this year), Andrew Garcia (Straight Up was Straight Awesome), Lilly Scott (who might need to tone down the so-platinum-it's-grey-hair a bit), and Tyler Grady (insert witty description here). They're a talented bunch this year.

Cardalls said...

i too have a crush on casey james...i agree with crystal needing some serious dental she probably needs to stop smoking and drinking insane amounts of coffee as well. i don't know all their names yet but think it looks like a great season so far.

i'm with you on the being bugged at the last chance crap. cry me a river!

Courtney N said...

I like the pants-on-the-ground guy. That's honestly the only episode I've seen : )