Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Too Lazy to Even Put In Separation Things

It's resolved! Next year, I shall send out cards via snail mail again. I have loved, loved, loved receiving all of your cards/photos/letters; they are all hanging up on the wall. In fact, we took down Christmas decorations yesterday, but all the cards/photos are still there. I love 'em!

Christmas was Fabulous! I'm sure I'll post pictures later.

Sad news: Brandon's Grandma (paternal) died on Christmas Eve.
Happy news: She's with her husband who left her a widow in 1976!

Bad news: Snow, still waiting on that job thing, and exhaustion from staying up too late playing board games with the siblings and parents in Idaho.
Good news: The snow is removing the gross inversion air, the job thing should be resolved as soon as today, and exhaustion from staying up too late playing board games with the siblings and parents in Idaho.

The first time we've all been together for Christmas Day in quite a few years (4? 5?):

I have some New Year's goals. I'm sure I do. They are in there somewhere. Maybe I'll write about them? Perhaps? The thing that's got me all crazy is that it will be 2010 in a few days. 2010!! When did this happen? Wasn't I so excited yesterday because it was 1990? I swear I was. In fact, I remember when it was 1999 and the world was freaking out over Y2K. How many of you young whippersnappers even remember Y2K? Hmmm? Not only do I remember it, but I was an adult at the time. And married.
See, there's this thing about time. When you want it to hurry up, it slows down to a snail's pace. So....slow...
But if you want it to slow down, it speeds right on up. This is why as a child it feels as if it lasts forever, but as an adult growing older, it's getting faster and faster. Oh, the irony!

Oh, hey, I feel dumb, but I heard this song for the very first time this month when I was asked to accompany a girl in our ward to sing it in our Relief Society meeting. It's so beautiful; I love it.

Last night we witnessed our cousins' sealing to their adopted son who is from Ethiopia. He is nearly 6 years old and has many special needs. They have already adopted another son who was sealed to them 4 years ago on the exact same date. They picked the 29th of December for these sealings because it is their wedding anniversary, and yesterday was their 10th. They have had 4 biological children (girls), and now they have two sons. Hands down, dear reader, witnessing their son sealed to them in the Salt Lake Temple was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. I bawled like a baby; the floodgates of tears began as the children, all dressed in white, walked into the sealing room, and they flowed fresh as their beautiful son was sealed to them. I can't even begin to describe the feeling, but Brandon's Aunt Carrie said it best (not word for word): Watching a young 20-something couple be sealed together isn't such a big deal; it doesn't seem like much. But seeing the children sealed to the parents? That's what it's all about! It makes sense! This is why we do it!
Have you ever witnessed an adoption sealing?

January is going to be crazy. We're heading West next week to attend a Wharton thing; Bay Area friends, I'll be emailing you soon to talk about getting together!

Apologies to my Blackfoot friends (especially Shelley!); the shin-dig never occurred because of time; who knew a weekend could go so fast?

Wow, do I possibly have anything else to say? Probably. But not for now. Lucky you!


Annette Lyon said...

And I was too lazy to even send out cards. Yeah, whoops.

Here's hoping the job thing is resolved today!

Cardalls said...

i haven't witnessed an adoption sealing, but a family we knew were reactivated and went to the temple and had their 3 children sealed to them. i agree that it is ALL about that!

And by the way...we are welcoming boy #4 to our family (found out the gender yesterday) in May. Good thing I love boys and think I am made to be a boy Mommy :)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

That's an awesome family picture. :)

sariqd said...

We adopted our two children and the sealings - be still my heart!!! Our oldest was sealed to us at 10 months and then she got to come in when her brother was 10 months too. Watching them come in with their aunts was the most precious thing!

Now... we're expecting a baby after being told we couldn't ever have our own biological children. (Surprise! Surprise!) While we're thrilled, we're a little sad that our 3rd won't have the same experience as the older two. BUT - it's ALL GOOD! :)

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

i love the family picture...and i am with year a letter and picture. i feel so bad with all that went on this year i should have, but didn't have the time or energy between mission calls, surgerys, etc..too much on my plate.

i am adopted and was sealed to my parents and brother. i don't remember anything because i was only an infant, but i can tell you that after my mother passed away i was so glad to know that we were all sealed together.

i saw my brother and his wife sealed, then his son came in and was sealed to them. he was about 7 or 8 and very high adhd...he forgot his meds that morning so we were all concerned..why???? he was so sweet and soft spoken and had such a special spirit about him that day that i have never seen since. it was special.

i read gandma's obit. my folks are from el paso, lived there until 1962 or so....what a small world. she seemed like an amazing lady. hope the funeral goes okay on thursday.

good luck with the job thing. hopefully you are celebrating right now...oh to go back to the Bay Area...we will need to make a trip once robert much to do for now and take him...

Happy New Year!

Jill said...

I know what you mean about the adoption sealing. I witnessed my nephew being sealed to his parents. I will never forget it.

Amanda D said...

You don't need seperation things. It still flowed the right way. :)

I loved getting cards this year too. We got more than we have in a long time so that was fun.

Good luck on the job thing-it would be great if it was resolved today. Staying up late playing games is wonderful.

Have fun in CA!


Last weekend did go by quickly! My brother and his father made a surprise trip to Blackfoot so I spent the weekend spending time with the family.

Cheryl said...

Lots of hoping; no resolving, though. Sigh...

I did read that! Just didn't take the time to hop over and say congrats (man, I'm getting bad at this!). Congratulations! Your daughter will be one protected little girl. :)

It is!

Oh, how cool! That is so awesome. I don't think I realized your kids were adopted, but now more of your writing makes sense. I should research more the people I'm blog-stalking, don't you think? :)

A-ha! That makes sense why my testimony yesterday made you cry. Sorry about that. I love that you share so much of yourself and your experiences with me. You are the best!!!

I'll never forget this, either. It's so amazing, isn't it?

Amanda D-
Well, at least I've got you fooled as to the flow of my brain. Or maybe you can follow it because you know me so well? Hmmm... :)

Good! Because I kind of felt bad I didn't acknowledge your semi-desire for a get-together ("semi" because you said you were up for it, not that you were dying for it to happen!). You were the only one who said anything, too, so, you know...not that I couldn't plan a party just for you! Ummm...hey, what's that over there?