Monday, December 14, 2009

Contrast, Slush, and Surgery

Day One:
Watched cousin's one-year-old all day (along with own children, of course), read novel, stayed in pajamas all day, did a little yoga. Had frozen pizza for dinner.
Wonderful day!

Day Two (not all in order):
Cleaned house, did laundry, went shopping (with all 5 kids), attended a baby shower, dropped off/picked up #2 to/from a birthday party, baked many potatoes, made dessert, decorated tables, borrowed eggs, baked banana bread, attended ward Christmas party, finished missionary packages, put together neighbor gifts, made french-bread pizza for lunch, finished online Christmas shopping, went through baby clothes, collapsed on couch at the end of the day.
Wonderful day!

We have received TONS of snow this last week. But yesterday, it rained. Yes! Rained. Rain and snow do not mix, dear reader. When you have 4 inches of snow on the ground, and then dump a bunch of un-frozen water on it, what do you get? Slush. Lots and lots of slush. That clogs gutters and drains and floods our neighborhood.
When this happens on a Sunday, though, there are two things guaranteed to happen:
1. The snow plows won't be out. At least not until 4PM.
2. The men and young men in the ward will be out nice and early shoveling the slush. And then they will also skip the 3rd hour of church [well, the Priests (16-18 year old boys) did] and commence with the shoveling and de-clogging of the gutters for the next 3 hours.
Brandon was very, very tired yesterday.
Talk about your ox in the mire!
My proud moment? Besides knowing my husband was working hard for all of our neighbors? Watching my girls going out after church to help.

Surgery for #5 will be on Wednesday morning, bright and early.
Good news: Brandon won't leave for school until Thursday, and #5's surgery should be the first one of the day.
Bad news: #5 can't eat after midnight.


I'm not looking forward to holding a crying baby all night, trying to convince him that although he's only 4 months old, he's really not THAT hungry...
He is going to be mad. Mad, mad, mad.


Cardalls said...

i think Brandon must take the night shift because if you hold him he will think he's got to eat! Sorry, it is so hard to make them so hungry :( Poor little guy and Poor Mommy!

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

ward party was great! nice to see everyone there. the decorations were great too....
great ym and leaders who cleaned all the snow/slush! we were at a farewell down the road and it was a mess...horrible mess!!!!
good luck with #5. i too think brandon will have to take the night shift! good luck with everything for the little guy!
good thing for on line shopping.
gio and i are going out this week. haven't done to much this year.
thank goodness brian knows that christmas this year is getting robert ready for a mission and knowing that a great family vacation for 3 is in the works, he is being understanding about it all.
have a great week.
#5 and the rest of you will be in our prayers this week.

FoxyJ said...

Hope everything goes well with the surgery!

I wish someone had cleaned our church parking lot yesterday. I decided to drive because I thought it would be better than trying to cross the street through slush (sidewalks were clear but not much else). Sadly the church lot was a giant sea of two-inch deep slush. It was awful.

flip flop mama said...

Hope the surgery goes well! Keep us updated

FluffyChicky said...

I hope the surgery goes well!