Tuesday, November 17, 2009


That's right folks. This is my 900th post! That may seem like a lot, but for those who know me, that's probably just about right.
But what to do? How to celebrate this momentous occasion?
I could do a give-a-way. But I'm poor and my husband is out of work. Why torture myself?
I could do some kind of contest where the winner gets nothing, but what fun is that?
Maybe I could tell you 900 things about myself. But why torture you??

Ooh! I know. I'll just do a normal post. Yeah. That works.

I went to San Francisco with hubby and #5 over the weekend. Well, sort of. #5 and I went by ourselves because hubby was already there. It was quite the adventure! #5 was fabulous, of course, but this is how it went:
-Car to shuttle to plane to shuttle to train to streets of San Francisco to Wharton School.
-Sushi and Karaoke; lots of fun with several students and their partners/spouses. Lots of beer and sake, but only happy drinkers (no mean ones!). So much oohing and ahhing over #5. He was the hit of the party!

-Very little sleep due to #5's desire to be up all night. Sigh.
-Breakfast with an awesome student-spouse at The Ferry Farmer's Market.
-Trip with hubby in borrowed car to Palo Alto for third round interview lunch --did not stay for interview; #5 and I walked around Palo Alto and shopped at Whole Foods to buy flowers to thank owner of borrowed car.
-Back to Wharton; class, and then dinner with awesome students and spouses at random Italian restaurant in San Francisco where I ate lots of goose liver.
-Stayed at student-friends house; fabulous hospitality (note to self: Don't forget the thank you card!!) and conversation.
-Amazing night's sleep! #5 only woke up once.
-Rushed, rushed, rushed to airport and barely made the flight.
-Thank you to Jessica S. for watching our kids! You are amazing, amazing, amazing.

Things Learned Over the Weekend:
*If we have to move back to the Bay Area, I will not be upset. Especially if Brandon gets this job in Palo Alto! It's a goody, dear reader. A goody. In fact, I have a feeling it would make my husband very, very happy. That means I will be very, very happy. And then the children will be very, very happy, thereby making the cat very, very happy. So much happiness!

*People have rolled their eyes and told us we are insane for having "so many" kids while we were so young. But I sat and talked with more than two couples (does that make three?) who have been trying for YEARS to have children --children they put off having until their late 30's (most for good reasons). Children they are now seeing fertility specialists for. #5 was the most loved little guy all weekend --from classmates, to airline security people; from random people on the street (so many stares and smiles!) to airplane passengers. I heard stories and saw tears from women who want to have children.
And not one person said I was insane for having five. Surprises? Yes. But no quips about "that crazy Mormon woman."
I may have to thank the Duggars for that.

*Traveling with babies (even awesome babies like #5) is still hard. Worth it? Yes. But still hard. Lots of things to think about and remember. Lots of things to worry about and watch out for.

*Preparing to go away for just a few days is almost worse than preparing to go away for a week or more. I was so stressed, and the weekend so hurried, that I think I need another vacation again! I had laundry and packing and meetings for work and SEP's (student-educator-parent conference) and callings and...and...lots o' stuff. It was just very exhausting.

*My Ferry-breakfast friend (non-LDS; yes, this is important to note) asked me how I could leave Provo, with all that Mormon support, and move to a place with very little Mormon support. I told her that it would be harder, but we could do it. And on the drive with Brandon to Palo Alto, I realized that I think that's my biggest fear about moving back: Being Alone. I like living in the Provo Bubble where nobody bats an eye when they see me with 5 kids. I like knowing that the soccer, theater, dance, and school functions will never be held on Sundays. I love the family support and community understanding of a religion that most people find weird (at the least) and cultish (and the worst). I like having close access to Temples, LDS bookstores, and a Costco that sells more diapers than wine. I really do. So, in all honesty? That is my biggest fear in moving back. Hatred, bigotry, and a string of inconveniences linked to my religion. And you know what? To confess the biggest confession of all? I was so glad --so very, very glad --that we moved out of CA just as Prop. 8 came about. I had so many friends that faced cruel threats and vandalism, and I was beyond relieved to be in Utah. So relieved. Is that dumb? Maybe. Maybe not. But it is what it is, and I'm just going to have to get over my fears. Missionary work? Hard, but worth it. Standing up for my beliefs? Hard, but worth it.
I seem to have a lot of "hard" ness in my life.
Worth it, though?
I'm thinking "Yes."

So, there you go! My 900th post. You may now congratulate me. Or something.


TaLaisa said...

Loved it! Perfectly fitting of a 900th post. You are amazing. Don't forget it.

And I think in honor of your 900th post YOU should get something. So email me your address and I'll send you a prize.

Anonymous said...


FluffyChicky said...

900 posts?! That is awesome.

I have 101. Heh.

I am glad that you had a great trip!

FoxyJ said...

Congrats on 900! I admit that the 'bubble' is one thing I like about living it UT; life here can be easy in some ways. Palo Alto is awesome--I would love to live there (except for the cost of living). I forgot to let you know that you're welcome to stop by today; don't know if you'll get this in time :)

Lizzie said...

Congrats on 900, Cheryl!
*Traveling with babies: I did this with Seth when he was about #5 age, all by myself like you. Yeah, it's HARD! However, I mastered going to the bathroom in a tiny airport stall with a baby still attached to his Baby Bjorn with no unsanitary accidents! That's a skill you just can't develop in any other scenerio, so theirs a silver-lining to the whole thing.

*Living outside the bubble: I grew up in Seattle, and I actually miss living out in 'the mission field'. There's a sense of ward comradery that you just don't get in Utah. Not that Utah sucks or anything, but when you are out-numbered, you NEED each other. Again, there's your silver-lining.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Congrats, my friend of many wise words. <3

Amanda D said...

Congrats on 900 posts.
You'll move where you're supposed to. The Lord has a plan for you and you'll blossom wherever you're planted. :)

Emily & Co. said...

We can always use more amazing people (like you guys) in California! Good luck w/the job search!

Yours Truly said...

Did you say San Francisco? Did you say Palo Alto? well that would be just fine with me. congrats on 900. You are an inspiration my dear.

Cardalls said...

I like living out of the bubble! I too mentioned the Duggars in my post today...go check it out (speaking of 5 children :)

Arlene said...

Congratulations. That is an amazing amount of blogs. By the way, living in CA is great. Sure there was some harassment after Prop. 8 but not everywhere. I personally wasn't affected even though our local temple was. Really, most people love the Mormons because of the service we provide, because we are good people. Don't let a few radicals convince you to stay in Utah.

The Conductor said...

Congratulations, Cheryl! I think you are just awesome. And that's all I have to say.

Julie said...

900. You are so cool. I think I've read every stinking one of those posts. So I guess I'm cool, too. :)

I flew home from Buffalo with Chloe and Lily when they were 16 months and 2 months, respectively. My sister in law Rachel flew with me to help. It was a hot mess. Funny now looking back on it, but seriously horrible at the time. Traveling with kids just isn't fun.

Congrats on job interviews! That's really neat that he's got bites this quickly. Says good things about Brandon. Good luck with it all!

Amy said...

Palo Alto sounds awesome!! I just told Adam about your post and thoughts, and he said, "If she's not sure about California, I'll take her place." :)