Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Letters, Brandon's Job, and Stewart Falls!

Go and read this blog. It's called Letters, and it is one of my favorites! Why?

  • The women writing the letters happen to be two of my very favorite people in the whole entire world.
  • The historical genre in which they write is one I greatly enjoy.
  • It's a novel in progress --one that I would buy.
  • It's a great way to pass the time when one does not want to do other things.
  • But most of all, I love it because I love the characters! I can't wait to read the next letter because I want to know what's going to happen next.

So go and read it and thank me later! Oh, and just fyi, you should start here and work your way backwards through the archives --or forwards? That's what I meant --start at the beginning.
For those of you who have been wondering why Brandon goes to England a lot for work, click here. That's what he's been doing (he's on the EMC/Decho side, working with Vodafone). Isn't that cool?
Saturday was a serendipitous day for me.
We had Brandon home, so we decided to spend the day together as much as we could (as a family). And what do we do when we have time to hang out as a family?
We hike!
We decided last minute (like 9AM) to take the kids up to Aspen Grove. We only had 3 hours in which to drive up there, hike Stewart Falls, eat something, and drive back because #3 had a birthday party to get to. Talk about pressure! We hiked so fast, I was sore for the next...well...I'm still sore. But hey, it was totally worth it. Just take a look at these photos!

The kids were such troopers. I loved the air, the sun, and the quiet. It was so lovely!
Oh, but the serendipitous part?
Well, for one, I have hiked to Stewart Falls about 50 times. Each week for two summers (1999 and 2000) I hiked to Stewart Falls with 20-30 seven and eight year old kids. However, I don't remember ever taking my own kids. Isn't that crazy? Maybe I did and I just don't remember. But anyway, that was fun. The craziest part, though?
Running into April.
Just as we arrived at the bottom of Stewart Falls from the Aspen Grove trail, another adorable family arrived from the Sundance trail. I immediately recognized April (although I know it took her a few seconds longer to remember me). She and I met as freshman at BYU (and dated the same guy, and went on a road trip to Idaho together, but I digress), but we haven't seen each other since then. Holy cow! What are the chances that we would meet up at Stewart Falls at the same time? Especially since we (meaning my family) almost didn't hike it due to time constraints?
Love the irony. Or whatever it was. Here we are:

How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Not fun? Kinda fun? Did you run into friends from years' past?


Sara said...

i want to know more about your baby wrap! i need something like that for this (coming) baby.

Becky, I have a cat said...

Holy crap....that was the Idaho trip that I tagged along on, wasn't it? To the cabin?

Cheryl said...

Sara --
It's called a Moby Wrap (just google it) and I love it! I also have a Beco and an Ella Roo. (You can google them all and find them. Just don't be shocked at the price! You can find used ones on craig's list or other places...)

YES!! That's right! It was totally that trip. Talk about flashback, eh?

Cardalls said...

We had a crazy busy weekend, I'm ready for a relaxing one, but don't know if they exist anymore. Your hike sounds great! I miss those Utah mountains to hike in!

Anne Marie said...

Love that letters idea. Have you read "Sorcery and Cecelia"? It's a book with this same idea. Absolutely loved it.