Friday, September 18, 2009

Randomness for the Weekend

I'm becoming disillusioned with our government (not new, eh?). I was more than happy to give Obama a chance. And then another, and then another. Sure, it's not even been a year, but by golly! You'd think things would be on the upswing already. It's frustrating to see him talk about unity --but only if we change everything to match his own opinions.
Now, I'm just happy that the conservatives have finally figured out how to rally together themselves a protest and an undercover sting. [*Warning: That last link shows a Jon Stewart video that is PG-13, but it was quite educational. And shocking. And hilarious. Jon Stewart at his best!] It's about time, you silent majority!

Please let me be clear, though: I do not believe in trash-talking the President of the United States with vulgarity or personal attacks. I completely respect the office. But just as people were freaking out over good ol' George over the last decade, I am starting to freak out over Obama. And I believe it is my right to do so, as well as the protesters. Sure, some people can take things too far, but I find it ludicrous that many liberal/left-wing citizens are allowed to scream at the top of their lungs and be listened to, while conservatives are "judgemental, religious fanatics" who are not allowed the same privilege.
Nancy Pelosi, anyone?

Rant over.

BYU Football rocks. I love the game, the team, the tailgating, the cheering, the excitement. Home games start tomorrow, and it's Date Night for us, baby!

Go Cougars!

Brandon has to be in London for 10 days pretty soon. Then next month he'll be in Germany for another 10 days. Plus, his school classes are tacked onto the end of both trips (and the beginning of one), making the London trip actually 14 days, and the Germany one 17 days.

Yeah, it's a lot of travel. Yeah, it leaves me alone with the kids for a long time. Sure, it's not always easy. But here's what I'm thinking:

1. All those air miles. Vacation for two after graduation? Heck, yes!
2. Cool experiences for Brandon.
3. The toilet seat will stay down?

Yeah, so I'm stretching here, but still --I'm not bitter. I knew what his job would be like when he took it (I think) and we knew doing school would be burdensome for a couple of years. I could get mad, or rant, or rave --but honestly? That's too exhausting. I'd rather be supportive and be positive. We gotta do what we gotta do, you know?

I love my book club. Love them! We reviewed the book The God of Small Things last night, and I was so impressed with the group's ability to have such open minds. I've been the youngest member of the club (that has been meeting since the mid-1980's) for a while now, and I am still amazed at these strong, intelligent women I associate with. They are so diverse, but there's not a judgemental soul among them.
Love it!

I'm taking Zoloft.

Is it working? Not sure, yet --it's only been 5 days! But I was getting pretty bad there. Now I just need to get myself a therapist that insurance will pay for.

Wish me luck!


Cardalls said...

We are coming up for the game this weekend. It is the hubs bday and we had some nice friend buy us tickets for the game. It's a good chance to come up and visit our miracle brother again :)

FoxyJ said...

My dad was in the military and traveled a lot. Sometimes for months at a time. There are also five kids in my family, similar spacing to yours, and I really don't know how my mom did it. I do know that she is much better at relying on friends than I am. We also ate panckes or grilled cheese for dinner a lot. Simple, easy food helps :)

Email me and we'll see if we can work out a playdate some time :) And I hope the Zoloft works. I might be looking for a therapist too so I'll have to ask you for advice when that time comes.

Heather said...

Welcome to the Zoloft club. I've been on it since I had my second. Give it about 10 days to kick in. I don't like myself when I'm not on it. To be honest, if it takes me taking Zoloft every day to be a happy, even keeled mommy, I'm in. Hope it works for you too!

Julie said...

Hope the weeks fly by while Brandon is gone. And that the Zoloft helps that! Love you.

Anonymous said...


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Random posts rocketh. Good luck with the Zoloft, and the super-travel-packed months ahead. <3

Never A True Aggie said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I am totally disgusted with each side lately. The Daily Show clip was great. I think Obama has some good intent, but there are mechanisms that need lots of fixing before we spend the big bucks.

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

Go BYU!Even we are cheering for them, can you believe that! Sorry that Brandon will be gone so much! Hang in there you can do it, and you have great kids that will help out too.
As for Obama even though I might not agree with everything anyone is better than W.

Grandma Rozla said...

Have I told you lately how darling #5 is?? Well, he is. Lynn has to do a presentation this week on PPD - anything you can share with him to help him help them? Hope your med's kick in for you soon! Sounds like you need to be on top of your game. My prayers are with you :)