Sunday, May 03, 2009

#1's Baptism and Piano Recital

My oldest child was Baptized on Saturday afternoon. I'm still slightly recovering from all that happened --the preparation, the family, the reality that I have a child who is Eight Years old --but I'm so happy for what transpired and the experience we were able to have as a family.

My daughter, dear reader, is my hero. In every sense of the word, too. This was discovered when I was lucky enough to be with her during her Bishopric interview Friday afternoon. I sat behind her and kept as still as possible so as not to disturb her or make her think she had to look to me for answers. I listened carefully to her words as she answered the Bishop's questions, and I was astonished by some of her answers --in a good way! She is simply amazing. I had no idea that my daughter had such Faith, nor did I realize the depth of her knowledge regarding the Plan of Salvation. She spoke of her desire to one day enter the Temple and spoke clearly about her favorite scripture stories (which were, in her specific order: Christ being baptized; Noah and the Ark; and Lehi's dream of the Tree of Life). As we left, I felt humbled that this young girl was my daughter --because even though Brandon and I have done our best to teach her correct principles, I know that most of her knowledge came from her own pursuit of truth; her ability to listen and retain information from Primary teachers, the scriptures, FHE, and even General Conference!
Recently, somebody told me (and I quote): When our children do right it is a reflection of their good upbringing. When they do wrong, it is because of the principle of free agency...
And I don't agree.
If we can't claim our children's mistakes, then what gives us the right to claim their successes? Yes, parents have a great influence on their children and should do all they can to teach them truth --but where does our influence end and the child's own personality/testimony/desires begin? I do not want to ever be accused of being "the reason" my daughter has turned out so well. To me, this is arrogance (mild at best). Yes, I have helped --but if she amounts to amazing things, I'd like to think it's a beautiful combination of the two (her faith and my efforts), and probably more her than me.
And she's proving this theory already!
(please note: I always claim the right to be wrong. Because I am not a genius. That is all.)

The day of her Baptism went off really well. We had 40 family members there to support her, and so combined with the other Four children getting baptized (it was a Stake Baptism), it was quite a full house! Brandon baptized her, our fathers were the witnesses, and Brandon confirmed her. Luckily, I had reserved the multi-purpose room for our luncheon afterwards, and so food prep and clean up went fast. And since all of our visiting and such happened there, we came home to a clean and quiet house.
It was sooooo nice!
Remind me to do that for every other child, okay?

Here some pictures from the Baptism:

Piano Lessons are DONE!
Well, sort of.
I realized that I never blogged about my decision regarding piano lessons (I wrote about my frustration and confusion about it here), and so I'll tell you now:
I decided to stop teaching for the summer. I planned on a final recital (which was tonight), and then taking four months off. When I start again, it will be September, and then I will only take 8 students.
17 to 8? Yeah, it's kind of a big deal.
I told all of the parents back in March that I would take requests after the recital, and depending on how many students want to keep taking from me, I may hold auditions in August. Personally, I'm hoping that many students will drop off themselves and find new teachers, because auditions make me very, very nervous. I hate doing something like this, but I'm about to have my fifth child. I absolutely must put my own children first. I have to! I need to give them more of my time, and this is the best way. What's nice is that I'll still be teaching --just not as much. I want to teach; I can't stop. I love it too much, dear reader! But not enough to ignore my kids every day after school. And so I feel good about this decision.

As for the recital, it went great! The kids sounded fabulous and the family support was outstanding. I had about 60-70 people there! Biggest recital so far. Oh, and #1 performed. She did wonderful! Here are a few pictures of her (thanks to my FIL for them!):

And there we go. Crazy April (and the first part of May) is now over! Over and done!
Too bad I replaced this stress with more stress.
And more projects.
I'll learn one day...!


blogging and bliss~ said...

Very neat cheryl. sounds like you have had a great weekend. WOw 40 people that is amazing. I have a big family but that is wonderful.

earlfam said...

The school year is almost over. It's amazing how all of a sudden life just stops at the end of May and you find yourself half way through June with no where to go and nothing to do. (Of course having all the kids home all the time is it's won kind of stress-but it's a nice break anyway.)

Annette Lyon said...

What a great weekend! And way to make those tough choices about teaching.

(You're looking pregnant now! I haven't seen you in too long, apparently.)

sandra said...

Your daughter looks beautiful and I agree with you about not claiming our children's successes. Yes we need to teach them and do all we can, but ultimately it is their choice, just as it was Christ's choice to come to earth. This is always the way I have felt regarding my oldest daughter. We can influence but it is all up to them. You took the words right out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your daughter. She looks so lovely and happy.

C Mommy said...

Cheryl!!! Amazing things going on in your life and I am so glad to read that despite the little bumps and challenges your life is GREAT! All the best to you and Brandon and of course you family and especially your newly baptized #1!!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Regarding kids, I always say that you can't take the credit for their accomplishments or the blame for their mistakes. We just do the best we can while we have these little spirits on loan to us from Heavenly Father, right?

I'm so glad that your weekend went well...and I can't wait to see ya soon! <3

Amanda D said...

It's my theory that we get more done when we have more to do, so adding more is not a bad thing, maybe.

I'm glda to hear that the baptism and recital went well. What a big weekend.

Anonymous said...

Number one is beautiful. I'm glad all the craziness went well.

Julie said...

I'm so happy things went well for #1's baptism!

I do have to agree that I just hope my Chloe turns out in spite of my bad parenting. I feel like she will. And I won't take any credit for it. Okay, maybe a little! :)