Monday, March 09, 2009

Benefit Concert and Prizes

Have any of you heard of Paul Cardall?
I have. Literally, actually!
I've heard of him through his music. He's an amazing pianist and composer, and his music is absolutely beautiful! Ironically, a great new blogging friend of mine (you all know her as "Cardalls"!) happened to marry Paul's brother (years ago, of course). Great connection, eh?

However, we need your help, dear reader. Paul was born with CHD, and has been in and out of hospitals his whole life. For the last 7 months, he has been on the heart transplant list, and has not been able to work. Medical bills are piling up and the average cost of an actual transplant is over $400K --without complications! Even with insurance, this is a major, major deal. Luckily, Paul is loved, and some awesome musicians are coming together for a benefit concert to be held in Paul's honor. It will be held on Monday, April 6th, 2009 in SLC, and guess who will be performing? Kurt Bestor, Peter Breinholt, Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband (and others they are still trying to confirm)! Here is the website where you can start buying tickets today.

Even if you can't go to the concert, could you spread the word, please? Copy that fancy button I have over there on my sideblog (or the picture below) and make sure you leave a link to the website. We need to let everyone know! Oh! And if you are interested in some of Paul's music, go here to buy one of his CD's (or several!). Not only will you be getting fabulous music, but you will also be helping him that way, eh? See how it all works together?
Living for Eden



Remember I said Annette Lyon was going to have some amazing give-a-ways this week in honor of her new book, Tower of Strength? Yeah? Well, people, get over there! She is giving away AMAZING things this week, and it's the easiest entry ever! You only have to leave one comment to qualify for FOUR days of prizes --how cool is that? And, as part of the deal, I'm posting the video again (it's fun to watch and listen to anyway, so why not?):

Here's hoping I win something this week!


Cardalls said...

Thank you Thank you Cheryl! Paul really is one of the best men you will ever meet. The benefit is titled, "Living for Eden" after his 3 year old daughter...Eden. He also has a blog for any who are interested in learning more.

Michelle said...

Ooh, I will be at the concert and will happily buy tickets for my family of 8. Thanks for the heads up Cheryl and many prayers for Paul and his family.