Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AI Top Nine brought to you by Cheryl AND Brandon!

me --I don't even know Usher. I don't even like this song.
Brandon --This was worse than "Beat It"!

me --Great riffs!
Brandon --It was okay, but left me wanting more...

me --Ooh. He was flat there...I don't know. Meh.
Brandon --I didn't like it at all.

me --Weird arrangement, but it was okay.
Brandon --Liked it a lot!

me --Best performance he's ever given! Wow!
Brandon --It was great, but I have to close my eyes when he performs.

me --Meh.
Brandon --He's lost the confidence; there's always someone every year who's really great and then they have one bad week and Bam! --lose all of their confidence. That's Matt.

me --She's so conceited. Blah. And sings flat. Sigh...
Brandon--Holy Crap, vote her off, people!

me--I love this boy. LOVE. HIM.
Brandon --Wow! He's good.

me--Totally feelin' it! Awesome.
Brandon--Pretty good!

Who should go home:
me --Matt or Lil

What did you think?


tamrobot said...

my opinion from best performance to worst performance:

Kris - awesome
Adam - great
Allison - great
Anoop - meh
Megan - meh
Danny - bad
Scott - bad
Matt - really bad
Lil - really bad

Cardalls said...

I do not like Megan Joy....her voice bugs me, I know it's original blah blah, but i really dont like it and she cannot choose a good song

Scott was much better, but I am with Brandon I cant stand to watch him perform. Again I don't think he belongs on Idol in spite of his talent.

Anoop...come on choose a better song!
Matt--he's in danger
Lil---go home already! You think you are better than you actually are.

Adam-will win this
Allison---will be in top two
Kris--loved him
Danny--love him

that's all!

Amber said...

Kris was my FAVORITE last night. That was so cool. Adam was my next favorite- but I DON'T like his hair like that. He's an actor. Non of the other ones really got me. Megan is just not clicking with me. Her voice is different but her dancing bugs me! I did not like her outfit last night. I'd love her to do something that just blows me away. That is all. :)

Annette Lyon said...

Adam, Kris, Scott, and Danny are safe.

Any of the others might be in the bottom 3.

I hope Megan gets the boot. She doesn't seem to have anything new to offer--and she TALKS much of her songs. She's annoying me.

TaLaisa said...

Will you hate me if I admit that I don't watch until you and Julie post your opinions?

I loved Adam and Kris, the rest just didn't even register as a blip on the radar.

I couldn't help but think, the whole time Adam was performing, that he'd be perfect to redo that Cherry Pie video from the 80's.

Two and Two = Family said...

Anoop or Megan Joy were the worst...i really liked Danny's song and considering the week he's had it wasn't bad ( he went home for g-pa's funeral). Lil was good, but terrible song choice and I love Celine Dion. Scott was amazing, but I agree with Brandon, I have a hard time to watch him...and Kris was the Bomb as Randy would say!!!

Julie said...

Bo-stinking-ring to Lil, Scott, Danny, & Anoop.
Why does everyone like Danny so much? Ugh, he is a total cheese factory.

Matt stunk it up, which pains me to say...no more of the rock side for him, his voice just doesn't work it.

Allison tried way too hard, but I did like the guitar at the beginning.

I'm getting really sick of Megan's song choices.

I wasn't digging Adam's performance this week. I felt like he was out there saying, "See, I really CAN sing the phone book and you all will get all gooey eyed over me!" And the judges did. But I didn't fall for it, man. No. Way.
Still love him, though.

Kris was by 100 million miles the best of the night. He seems to get better and better every week. I hope he's in the finals.

Anonymous said...

Loved the she said, he said!

I'm ready for Megan to go home.

Susan M said...

I want Scott to go. I just don't like his voice.

I don't get the Danny hate, but I love cheese. And the guy is a widower!

Never A True Aggie said...

That Megan is driving me crazy. I don't like her voice at all. I can't stand the dance.

Michael is hard to watch. He is just kind of corny.

I liked the last guy the best.

Lizzie said...

Ok, so I watched both the performance show and the results show yesterday, so I know I'm a little late to the party here, but I don't care.
The entire night was boring, even Adam (I'm starting to get the feeling he's changing songs just for the sake of changing them. You're too cool for school, kid, and I'm not that impressed), until... KRIS! Oh my gosh! I rewound it and watched this like literally 20 times, and got goosebumps every time. I downloaded this, and I've never done that before. Now, granted, I may be a bit biased because, like his song last week, this is one of my all-time favorite songs already. But his arrangement was SICK (you know, 'sick' as in good). See, when Kris arranges a song, I feel like he's just taking something good and making it his, but when Adam does it he's just trying to show how different he can make the song just because he CAN.