Tuesday, March 03, 2009

AI: Round Three

Here we go!

Von Smith: So, while I sat there listening to him, I thought, "Huh. He has a really big mouth" and then I closed my eyes, and I thought, "Yo! This guy is good! Really good!" and so I opened my eyes again and I figured he could be one of those awesome super-quirky singers. We've got loads of 'em and some of the best are all crazy with the facial expressions [I mean, just think Steven Tyler, Steve Perry (not as weird, though), Bono, Freddie Mercury, etc.]. And he did some pretty awesome stuff with his song tonight. I loved it!

Taylor Vaifanua: I hate her vibrato because she shakes her head so badly --and I'm not sure if it's because she's nervous (can't help it) or if she thinks it's so cool. Huh. But I think she did a pretty good job. The problem is that she's having a tough time knowing where to breathe, I think --but she's fun to watch! I like her. Not bad. Not bad.

Alex Wagner-Trugman: Okay, guy, don't dance. Just don't dance. I'm not sure I like his voice inflections. Okay, I hated them. Gravelly voice inflection and then singing it straight --Yuck! I hated that contradiction, and I hate that he shouted so much. He could have been great, but instead it was obnoxious. Didn't like it. If he had sung it straight --I would have loved it, because he really did have a good voice in there somewhere...

Arianna Afsar: Slow and safe beginning --I love her voice, it's really pretty, although I'm not one to enjoy extreme contrast between head and chest voice. But I think the powerful stuff at the end was great --until that last note. I was so sad to hear her crack because it was obvious. Plus, she totally gave it away with the look on her face, too. So sad! But she's gorgeous, and she's obviously very talented. So, who knows...

Ju'not Joyner: I love that he slowed "Hey there, Delilah" down like that. I just wished he had some more expression --and maybe didn't go flat at the beginning. It was kind of boring, too --and the falsetto stuff didn't really help. And this makes me sad because I could have seen him singing some pretty awesome stuff. In fact, now I'm thinking if he had done this up to tempo, it may actually have been better, you know? So...it's...okay.

Kristen McNamara: I like this girl. She's fun to watch and she has a fabulous voice --fabulous! Seriously, this girl has it all! In fact, I have not much else to say, because I'm pretty sure she's getting through. I hope she does! Loved it.

Nathaniel Marshall: Okay, this guy is such a drama queen, but he does have a good voice. I still didn't really like it, though. It belongs on a stage on Broadway --I mean, the ending note was totally obviously a theater trick, too. Don't get me wrong, he had a nice voice, but it wasn't anything to write home about. So...meh.

Felicia Barton: She sounds like Alicia Keyes! Wow. That middle note was painful, though (the cracking one). But you know, she did a great job, and she's pretty hot! Not that there's anything right with that. Ha! I liked it. I did. Don't know if it's memorable, but good job, Felicia who sounds like Alicia!

Scott MacIntyre: How can you not like this guy? I mean his humility rocks --I wish more were like this --and his voice is so pure! And I love his hair. No--I do! He had a bad middle note, there, though...what is up with this night and bad middle notes? Hmmm...but anyway, he had a great performance! I really liked it a lot. Loved the last note, too. Yay, Scott!

Kendall Beard: I love Martina McBride --just wanted to put that out there right now (I saw her live and she was incredible!). Okay, and this girl is NO Martina. Not even close. But is that fair to compare? I don't know. I guess we all do it. And I'll be honest, I don't like this at all. In fact, the ending was worse than the beginning --what with all the out-of-tunage and such. Didn't work. Too bad --she's a cutie!

Jorge Nunez: Well, hel-lo, Jorge! Okay...this guy has a beautiful voice! I loved it. Loved it, loved it, loved it --even with that flat note (well, it just went slightly flat there in the middle --the middle again!). I think this guy will make it through!

Lil Rounds: The only thing that bugs me about her --girl, don't say you're doin' it for the money, because you're not --you're doin' this for the chance to sing and have some glory, you know? There's nothing wrong with admitting it, okay? If money follows, great. But that's not "the reason". Gag.
Okay, now to her singing. She rocks! You know she's getting in --she's amazing. I just wish I had known the song and I think I would have loved it more (which would be hard because I really loved it!). And shame on that crappy drummer who screwed up his solo there! Did you guys hear that? Poor guy/girl (whoever the drummer is). Sigh...

Who Will Get Through to the Top Ten:
Jorge Nunez, Scott MacIntyre, Kristen McNamara, Von Smith, and/or Lil Rounds.

Here's hopin' I'm as right as I was in Week One and Week Two!

P.S. Did you notice that tonight, even with it's worst parts, was still way better than the previous two weeks? Crazy, eh?


Julie said...

There are a lot of good singers who won't make it into the top 12 tonight.

My fave by a mile was Lil


Not my faves? Nathaniel (whose Disturbia was amazing and this was TOTALLY Boy George in a NOT good way),
Alex -- I still feel like he took Jamar's spot and so I automatically don't like him and tonight completely vindicated that feeling.

Scott is ... okay? Lovely story, lots of heart, terrific passion for music...singing? meh.

Jorge...did not love him.

Von....forgettable but talented.

The rest...forgettable. Except I do want to say that the Felicia girl is hot. Beautiful gorgeous hot. And a good singer.

Annette Lyon said...

I agree--this week was filled with great singers. I'm thinking that most of the wild cards will come from this week.

Susan M said...

How funny. I thought this week's singers were worse than the other two weeks'. Lil Rounds was the only great one. The dark haired girl near the end was also good.

Cheryl said...

You know, Susan, I was wondering (after I posted last night) if I thought everyone was so great because they did better song choices (which I think they did), or because I'm just all desensitized now by the bad singing.

Susan M said...

They did make better song choices. But I thought a lot of them were off key. Even Jorge, who the judges loved. I thought he was horrible.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I didn't get all the love for Jorge. And a bunch of other people.

Oh, and the Meatloaf song? Are you kidding me? His Grandma's response to whether or not she liked the song was perfect.

I'm really having a hard time getting excited about anyone this season. Lil should go through. And the rest I just don't care. At all. I'd love it if one of these contestants would give me a reason to care.

Julie said...

I thought week 2 had the best singers. I would bet that 2 out of the 3 come from that week.

Lil was terrific and I agree with Bythe, Nathaniel's grandma's response was so classicly awesome. "I'm used to Nathaniel's singing." I thought, yep, that's about all you can say!

flip flop mama said...

I thought there were more good singers last night than before, but I'm not sure that's saying much! LOL I really liked Lil, Ju'Not--love, love, loved his rendition of Hey There Delilah--Felicia and Scott. I thought Kristen was boring and the others were just, eh. I'm really interested to see who gets through tonight because I don't think it was as cut and dry as the last two weeks have been.

Cardalls said...

I watched but have not been able to get into it this season due to lack of great talent! I liked Ju'Not and Lil..though would not buy either album but admit they are talented...other than that...meh (to steal your term)