Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quick Idol Re-cap (week 2 finalists)

Okay, so I also sped through this show --I skipped all of the blah, blah, blah stuff and went straight to the good stuff. Like hearing Brooke White (I sure love her Carole King-ish voice)! And seeing who actually made it to the Top 12.
My thoughts:
*Hooray for Allison Iraheta! I was so glad she got through. And after hearing her sing again, I decided she truly is awesome.
*I was sad that Megan got beat out by Kris Allen, but he was decent, so it's okay. My fingers are crossed that Megan will make it as a Wild Card...
*Adam Lambert is still creepy, yo. But hey, at least he's got the rocker thing going and I honestly think he looks good in the eye-liner (I do!). And it's good that Nick didn't get through --I love him, but not for this!

I know I cheated and listed 7 possibilities this week, but did you notice that all 7 were "down to the wire" and I still got the Top 3??
It must be a gift.
Or maybe I've just watched 8 seasons too many...

What did you think?

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