Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Snowing Outside. And I'm Blogging Inside.

Photos of #2's Birthday Festivities:
Her excitement, her presents, and her "cake" (she asked for cupcakes, so we stuck 6 candles into hers --the kids at the party each decorated their own):

Quote from #2:
"This is the best birthday party, ever!"
Why this quote rocks:
The party consisted of 8 friends, opening presents, decorating cupcakes, eating cupcakes, then playing in the basement with the friends. That's it. And if any of you were reading my blog 2 years ago, you will know why her excitement gives me instant gratification and justification. And unrestrained joy.
Here's the post if you are interested to know why I feel the way I do!
P.S. Not one child complained. Not one!
More P.S. If you read the comments on that post, please notice that lbs is Bythelbs. Yes! She was commenting on my posts before she knew she was commenting on my posts. *sniff *sniff --isn't it beautiful? We were meant to be friends! Or something. Like that.
I took #2 and #4 for their check-ups today. It was crazy to know that not only am I now into yearly exams (holy cow!), but nobody needed immunizations today. No shots for another year! Well, until this kid is born.
Oh, yeah! I'm having another one.
Still won't change the fact that I'm happy about yearly exams for the older kids!
Having gone almost 4 full days without being able to hold my baby boy, he's been relishing in some mom time today. Now he's taking his nap time on the couch here next to me, and he looks like my baby again --and not the 2 year old he's become! He's so sweet...
Man, I just wanna squish his cheeks!
#1 is sick --she's got what I had.
Brandon will be home on Saturday instead of tomorrow--they are making him stay tomorrow for some meetings. But he WILL be home on Saturday! He will! He must! And he will!
That is all.
For now.


Cheryl said...

Oh! And if you see the baby ticker thingy on my sidebar, you will see that the little person is now peeing! Inside of me! Yes!

Just had to add that info.
You are welcome.

Cardalls said...

I am so happy she loved the simple party! I read your other post and I think kids are wayyyyyyyy too spoiled with birthday parties...we do them every other year as well and do at home parties (or they can take one friend to a movie or bowling). Way to go!

flip flop mama said...

I'm all about simple parties. For Booger's we just had food, cake and ice cream and then let the girls run free and play dress up. It was the best party I'd ever been to! :)

Glad everyone had fun!

Love the pregnancy ticker. LOL

Amanda D said...

That is so crazy that bythelbs was commenting way back then and you didn't know it. Very cool!

I love the party, it sounds like fun. That it what the parties I throw are like.

Amanda D said...

Oh, and I'm so jealous it's snowing. Is it pretty?

Also, your daughter looks so cute in that first picture. She's adorable!

Cheryl said...

It was pretty for about two seconds --I'm so tired of winter, I'm about ready to scream!! I see all these pictures and videos from friends in California, and I keep thinking "Who knew that spending one year in California would turn me off to winter FOREVER!?"
And yet, it's true.

GCC said...

Cheryl, your #2 is simply too cute for words. He just melts my heart time and time again in nursery - LOVE that kid!

Alison Wonderland said...

We've never done a friend birthday party. I wonder if we should but really, after reading your other post we're never going to have friend parties. We do family parties with our family and then we do a family party at my mom's with my whole fam. and that's enough!

And yes, obviously you and bythelbs were meant to be friends.