Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Love Day!

Amanda D, Cardalls, and Julie P have been listing all of the things they love this week. I decided to kind of join them in my own way.

Things Cheryl Loves (in no particular order):

I love Brandon, the kids, my family, my religion, and me.

I love flowers, green grass, thick forests, tall mountains, wide rivers, sunsets, sandy beaches, poofy clouds, sunshine, and rain.

I love music, tv, blogging, writing, reading, laughing, and pondering.

I love friends, long dinners, chocolate, early-morning walks, fireplaces, yellow curry, and naan.

I love old buildings, history, photographs, cobblestones, rain forests, fish tacos, and flip flops.

I love red toenails, green jewelry, long scarves, lipstick, lotion, and board shorts.

I love pianos, clocks, frames, fields of daisies, coastline views, glacier lakes, and the scent of lilacs.

I love falling leaves, sprouting tulips, gentle wind, crackling campfires, novels, socks, and fresh breath.

I love naps, simple schedules, clean countertops, contented children, and guacamole.

I love jeans, online banking, water, Temples, Christmas, picnics, and hoodies.

I love soft couches, long phone calls, holding hands, and the way my husband calls me Beautiful.

I love compassion, conviction, integrity, and compromise.

I love being pregnant, holding my children for the first time, nursing my babies, and finally making it past the potty-training stage.

I love lost teeth, sticky kisses, giggles, snuggles, and singing coming from the bathroom.

I love my life.

I do.

Holy cow, I totally love my life!
But man, oh, man, I cannot wait for Spring. Please, Spring? Could you come before May this year? Please??

What do you love?


Michelle Walker said...

you! Happy V-Day woman! Glad your man is back from across the pond. I'm holding you to a Thai date!!!

Annette Lyon said...

Hold the phone. You LOVE being pregnant?

I loved PARTS of the experience (feeling movement, the whole miracle thing), but I could do without the aches and pains and headaches and nausea.

Cheryl said...

I'm planning on it!

Well, I know that sounds weird, but for me? I don't have nausea, very few aches, and the happy hormones kick in, so I tend to be happier. My skin doesn't break out, my hair is thick and doesn't fall out, I have a great reason for the massive gut, I love feeling the baby move inside of me, and people do nice things for me. That's not to say it's all peachy (heartburn and hemrrhoids), but I can honestly say that I ADORE being pregnant. :)

(I also know it's totally not fair. But that's okay!)

Amanda D said...

Great post, Cheryl. It's poetic. I love your list!

Cardalls said...

I am glad to hear someone LOVES being pregnant...could you be my surrogate? LOL...I would take a couple of more childen, but don't think my body can handle it anymore. I love readingyour list and glad that you love your life!

Anonymous said...

I love you being all full o' love.

Amber said...

Beautiful sentiments, my dear. Just lat night, I was marveling at how much I love my life. While these past months have been much less than perfect, I wouldn't trade the cocoon of love we have created in our home.

C Mommy said...

Happy Valentines Day Cheryl... it's me Carrie and I had to catch up on my reading... it's been a while. Congrats on #5 and all of the self discovery you've been sharing. I think it's the 30 you're turning.... I just love being in my 30's.... I finally get myself. :)

m_and_m said...

I love YOU.

(And the I-am-so-sick-of-winter thing hit me so hard this week. I'm usually pretty able to just sit back and wait it out, but manoman am I feeling the spring fever).

The snow helps, though. If it's gonna be cold, let it be white.