Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yesterday was awesome (and extremely busy, but everything fell into place, so Huzzah!), but today is so blah.
Blah, blah.

The only light at the end of this Blah-tunnel is dinner tonight with some high school friends I have not seen in years and years and years. Plus, I guess since it's all blah with nowhere to go, I can finish the laundry. AND --tomorrow's my birthday (and there's still time to enter my give-a-way!).

But this post is totally lame.

So, to spice things up a bit, I will ask you three questions. Answer them! (please?)

1. What is your favorite candy bar of all time?
2. Do you like to hike and/or camp?
3. Where do you see yourself in Five Years? Honestly?


siobhan said...

1. maybe rocky road bars?
2. yes. i haven't been hiking in a couple of years, though. we moved to the big city and were so busy exploring that we never broke away to the mountains. we're more rural now, but i just had a baby, so it's something planned for the future. as for camping, YES! all of our babies have been camping before they were two months old, we love it that much!
3. same town. same job. another baby, if i can talk my husband into it. kind of same ol', same ol', i guess? but i'm very content with that.

Jill said...

I'm blah too, and thinking of a nap. Sigh! But, FUN questions.
1. Symphony with almonds and toffee
2. Depends. I like to camp with my family, campers, showers, etc. And I don't mind a 1 hour hike. But, to backpack in and hike every day, not my idea of a good time. I like to sit in the shade and read.
3. In 5 years I HOPE I'll have at least one more baby, and maybe we'll be closer to Idaho.

Annette Lyon said...

1) Fazer Blue from Finland. Too bad you can't get it here. :D

2) The Uintah mountains. I don't get too picky. The whole range is freaking gorgeous. Or The Robber's Roost in southern Utah.

3) Freaking out because I have so many teenage daughters and because I'm getting my son ready for a mission.

Tammy said...

Ghiradelli White Chocolate...Yummers!!!

Camping is the best.. I am not a hiker uness it is a level trail

Five years I see us in Texas...I hope we have sold the property by then, getting a handle on learning a simpler life

Anonymous said...

1. There are just so many, it's hard to choose. But I love Reese's crispy crunchy bars (or whatever they're called) and Take 5s.

2. Sometimes. I am happier with flushing toilets, though.

3. Pretty much where I am now, but hopefully with something published.

And sometimes you need a blah day to save up your energy for the exciting days to come!

Amanda D said...

My favorite candy bar of all time is probably a toss up between Macintosh Toffee bars and Caramello bars. Mmmm.

I love to camp, and I like hiking if it isn't to strenuous. I'm a bit of wimp.

In five years, I will probably be in this house and my kids will be 13, 11 and 9. I'll also be planning a super beach vacation for our 15th anniversary. :)

Ann said...

1. Reese's Peanut Butter CUPS (not pieces...yuck!) Chocolate and peanut butter have the all-time perfect marriage!

2. Yes, both.

3. Living somewhere else (maybe out of state...or even better, out of the country!) probably with another kid or 2. Still madly in love with my husband.

Cardalls said...

1. Reese's
2. Really love to, body is out of shape and out of breath so don't like to as much as I used to.
3. I will be a fabulous 40 something hip and cool Mom...wait you said serious!

Susan M said...

1. 100 Grand, possibly. Been a long time since I had a candy bar.

2. Love to camp and hike. Don't do well with the lack of sleep involved, but I suffer through it anyway.

3. In 5 years, my youngest will by 19 years old. My oldest will be...24. I suppose it's possible I'll be a grandmother by then. Thanks for asking this question, Cheryl.

My only hope really is that I'll be living in a house and not an apartment by then.

TaLaisa said...

wow. You know it's bad when laundry is the high point.

1.pecan/toffee with milk chocolate and more pecans, toasted and salted. (it's my homemade version of almond roca, with pecans. It's also very good with almonds too.) I don't like many commercial candy bars and none of them as much as this.

2.Yes. We go to the Uintah's every summer for 2 weeks.

3.Maybe here, maybe there (Fiji).

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I love Kit Kats.

Yes, I like to hike/camp.

In 5 years...still in this town, still in college, still in this apartment...but almost finished with my degree! Oh, and my wild boys will be 13, 11, and 9...I just hope that they shower regularly. ;)

flip flop mama said...

1. I'm a snickers fan
2. Depends. The weather has to be not too hot for me to hike and camping is fun at the beach. :)
3. Hopefully in a home of my own with *maybe* one more kid. I'd like to make some money of my own doing stuff I love.

JustRandi said...

I like 100 Grand bars. Yum!

Yes I like to hike, camping is ok - but probably if we did it more than once a year I wouldn't really like it.

5 years? I'll probably be a grandma. I just pray that it will be under the right circumstances. My 20 y/o daughter is going through a rough patch right now...

Alison Wonderland said...

Done with school, nursing, writing, with all my kids in school!!!!!

Amber said...

1) Canadian specialty: Wonderbar.
2) Well, duh!
3) All kids FINALLY in school, freelancing, hiking every day--bliss!

Rachel Holtkamp said...

Happy Birthday, Cheryl!!!!
1. Fast Break

2. I hate both, but if I had to choose, I would rather camp for a day or two than hike.

3. In five years, who knows? Everyone said, "hopefully one more baby". I'm just hoping for a husband and a baby, so hopefully that happens within the next 5 years.

Anonymous said...

1. Reeses peanut butter cups, which are cups, not bars, so do they count? For bars, I guess Almond Joy.

2. No.

3. I'm just dancing all over the house because all the kids are in school full-time, and who even cares if they're potty-trained or not?

Julie said...

I'm late. Not THAT kind of late - just late in commenting. But I just had to get in on the fun.

1. Twix are probably my favorite. But I love candy bars in general.

2. I do love hiking and camping, but have not done it once since having children.

3. Camping and hiking with my family! The kids will be 10, 9, 8, & 5 (wow -- that's a CRAZY thought), so we will be having a blast actually doing things together.
Other than that? Same house, but a little quieter, as all the kids will be in school (another CRAZY thought).

Hey, thanks for asking these questions. 5 years doesn't seem very far away, but actually realizing how different things will be in those short years...whoa. Thanks for the reminder.