Monday, December 01, 2008

Too tired to come up with a good blog post title...

*Delicious food
*Guitar Hero
*Piano Duets
*Date with Brandon
*Eggnog and pie
*Card games
*Sick nephew
*Loud and happy children

*Annette Lyon
*Julie P
*Amanda D
*Great lunch at Brick Oven
*Fabulous women, wish they could have stayed all afternoon, hope they didn't find me as dorky as I felt, can't wait to see them again, love friends from blogging!

Other Random Stuff:
*Decorated the house for Christmas. I LOVE Christmas!
*Took the kids to Temple Square last night; forgot the camera. But here are a few pictures via Brandon's phone (and I have no idea why blogger made them all different sizes. Just click on them if you want to see them up close):

*Inadvertently insulted my FIL. Again. Made cookies for him --cookies make people happy, right? Sigh.
*Realized I do too many things.
*Am currently in the process of doing dishes, laundry, cleaning, a small take-home project for #2's teacher, and the neighborhood newsletter; setting up practices for many Christmas performances/musical numbers throughout the month; trying to make huge decisions about our future (immediate and long term); realizing I need to change all of my Thursday piano lessons because of a ward Christmas party nativity play rehearsal; wondering if the kids really do need nutritious meals at this point; noting if skipping walking/running this morning was a bad idea; and wishing I could take a nap. Right now. But I can't, because #1 has her art lessons in Sugarhouse today, so we have to head up to SLC in about an hour and a half. After we take my FIL the cookies, of course.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?


Cristy said...

Glad you had fun/survived the weekend! Sorry I couldn't make your snaker thingy. Newborns: very sweet but really suck up all your time!

m_and_m said...

Yeah, well, I'm a dork. I totally spaced the thing. DRAT!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

You can do it, I believe in you. And cookies do solve everything. :)

madhousewife said...

My Thanksgiving weekend was fabulous because I didn't have to cook anything. Come to think of it, I didn't even clean anything. I kind of suck as a houseguest, don't I?

I did peel some potatoes. And I don't think my kids peed on any of my sister's carpets, so that's something, right?

bythelbs said...


P.S. Love the pics!

flip flop mama said...

Crazy busy, but good crazy busy.

Weatherspoon Family of 6 said...

yep back to the grind but there is a wonderful holiday to look forward to!
Hey check out my blog I have a cute giveaway!

Annette Lyon said...

Lunch was a ball! (You? A dork? Yeah, right. That would be me with my foot in my mouth half the time.) I had a great time seeing you in person and meeting the other awesome ladies. (Great food doesn't hurt, either . . .)

Julie said...

Lovely, Thank You!

Those pictures are really fun.

I am excited to head down to Temple Square sometime this month.

Amber said...

Lunch was yummy and GOOD company. It didn't feel strange at all, except when I thought about it. :) Meaning randomly through lunch I had the thought- Wow, I've just barely met all these women! but like I said, it just felt so natural. Even to talk to Amanda and Annette- who's blogs I had barely looked at. :) It was a fun afternoon. If I lived closer, I probably would have lingered longer. :)
Our Thanksgiving was good! Yummy, food and last night my SIL brought over Sweet Potato Yumminess. I don't know what it's called but it's SO GOOD!
What did you do to FIL? You sound like you're having a rough after holiday week. :)

Cardalls said...

Thanksgiving was great in spite of not being with any family. We ate with two great families and partied and gamed and relaxed all day. I made a very delicious (even if I do say so myself) French Silk pie that I got the recipe online...YUMM-O! Now I am headed out of town for few I am in the panic packing mode!

Amanda D said...

No way were you a dork. If anyone was, it was me! I had so much fun, and I can't wait to do it again!

I'm sorry to hear about your FIL. Love the cookie idea. I hope you find time to breath in the next week or two. Enjoy your Christmas season!

bythelbs said...

Oh, and love the new header picture! Did you take that one too?

Cheryl said...

No worries. You definitely had a good excuse!

M and M-
You aren't a dork! But I am sad you spaced it. :)

Thank you!

You are an AWESOME houseguest. Well, normal, anyway. And, of course, I would have no idea if you were good or bad never having the privlege of you gracing my home with your presence. But I figure as long as their is some potato peeling and non-peeing, then you're good to go!

Your apt descriptions of your fesitve holidays are so...apt! And riveting!
Oh, and yes, I took the picture on the header. It's not my favorite, so I may take some more later...but thanks!

Yes, most of it is good, so that's good. :)

I'll check it out!

Your foot in your mouth? No way, Jose! I'm glad you had a great time, too. :)

I love Temple Square at Christmastime. It's so...perfect, you know?

The surrealness was never lost on me, either! I'm so glad you came! Oh, and the FIL thing was just that I forgot something I didn't actually commit to but he assumed I did and so, of course, it turned into a miscommunication mess. Blah.

You're going out of town AFTER the holidays? That sounds lovely! French silk pie... yummm...

I'm glad you didn't think I was a dork! I can't wait to do it again, either. :)

Cheryl said...

And holy cow? What's with all my typos in the last comment?

Sigh, sigh, sigh.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

mine was great thanks, and nice and relaxing. And I probably offended a few people but haven't figured it out yet. :)