Thursday, October 09, 2008

Getting Happy and Crazy for Marriage!

As you know, dear reader, this blog is my own Happy and Crazy corner of the blogosphere. I'm often aware that I am a little...erm...wacky in the way I post. Some weeks I'm depressed, other weeks I'm random, and sometimes I'm just all over the place. I'm not afraid of politics, I'm not afraid of humor. I post pictures of the crazy renters who planted marijuana in our yard, I bear my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ frequently, and I share pictures and videos of my Fearsome Foursome. I hope that my blog will always remain a place that will surprise and delight my readers; I'm not one for monotony!

Obviously, right now, my mind is intensely focused on the upcoming election. It's a biggie, this one, what with the Presidential Election and several SSM ballots in State Elections. There's no time to be idle and apathetic --we have hard choices to make. I write in Mitt Romney since my state will go to McCain anyway? Or can we sue Obama for speaking all the time without actually saying anything? (Totally kidding, people!)

But when it comes to the SSM stuff, know how I feel. My last post shows it. But at this time, I feel I need to be vocal about it, mostly because last night there was a satellite broadcast that was focused on Proposition 8 in California. Several Apostles spoke and shared video from the newest Proposition 8 support website: Preserving Marriage (see my sidebar for the same link). My friend (m&m) was able to attend and she had this to say about it:
Among other things, they spoke powerfully about protecting the plan of God, protecting children, and protecting our religious rights by protecting traditional marriage. I felt more strongly than ever that their position is inspired. They have created a new website with video and other resources. I encourage you to take a look and to share the information with people you know, particularly anyone in California who is in a position to vote on this issue.

Along with this idea of sharing information, dear reader, I will be vocal and clear about how I feel:

*Gender is eternal. We are born as men and as women, and whether or not we have SSA (same-sex attraction) does not change that fact. It's not only biological; it is spiritual.
*Marriage between a man and a woman constitutes the greatest asset a child has to a happy life. Every child deserves to have a mother and a father, and many studies have shown how much better children thrive with both.
*Forcing government and society to accept SSM will pave the way for complete integration. The Gay community will not stop there; the desire is for complete acceptance (this has been the agenda from the beginning). SSM will be taught as normal and moral and our children will be exposed to it in schools. Religious institutions (not just LDS) will be sued for not allowing SSM in their churches and will lose their tax-exempt status. This is not a fear factor; this is truth.
*Gays already have rights and civil unions. Keeping marriage between a man and a woman will not change this. Instead, allowing SSM will change an institution that has worked for over 2 thousand years (and I would say eternity).
*Often SSM supporters will say that if heterosexuals want to keep marriage to themselves, then why do they keep abusing the institution themselves? I would say that the LDS church has never, ever, ever excused heterosexual abuse of marriage. They do not like divorce and will not tolerate abuse. One of the biggest things they focus on constantly is strengthening family relations, especially marriage!
*Some of my most favorite people in this world are gay and I do not hate them. Opposing SSM does not make me a bigot. I care about those with SSA, and I am sad when I am told I don't because of this issue alone.

And, dear reader, I am not alone in my stance. Many people are doing what they can to educate people about the future ramifications of SSM and why it's important to save the marital institution. Many have stated why they believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. The following are some other blog posts and articles about why it is important to save and preserve Marriage (please note that some of these are personal blogs, so please have respect if you visit their site. Thank you!):

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If you would like to discuss SSM and why you oppose it or support it, please see my previous post and comment there. Thank you!