Sunday, October 19, 2008

Book List and Award

So, dear reader, during the last two weeks, I have become the voracious reader I've always been but haven't been lately because of my laziness, apathy, and just plain old...something. Actually, I'm not really sure as to why I haven't been reading, I mean, I've honestly been a read-a-holic since...let's see...when did I learn to read? Ah, yes. I was four years old.
Anyway, it's exciting, having this desire to read and read and read and read even though I have plenty of other distractions (i.e. things that are important to the welfare of my family and entire existence) that should take me away from the reading. But this is half the fun, you know! I'm never bored. If I have some downtime and I don't feel like blogging, voila! I have a book to read. Of course, it stinks when I would rather read than clean the house or make a meal. Or take a shower. I mean, not like that has ever happened...ahem...
Anyway, I thought I'd give you my book list. This consists of books I've recently read, am reading, and are going to read. Usually I'd just do this on Goodreads, but I've been slacking over there lately, and I figured I might as well give my non-Goodreads friends the opportunity to see what I'm reading. As if they cared. Or something.
(side note: I'm not going to "rate" the books I've read. I pretty much enjoyed them all and it takes a really bad book to make me cringe.)
Recently Read:
A Train to Potevka by Mike Ramsdell
The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness by Joel ben Izzy
Fablehaven by Brandon Mull
Fablehaven: The Rise of the Evening Star by Brandon Mull
Fablehaven: The Grip of the Shadow Plague by Brandon Mull
Currently Reading:
Uglies by Scott Westerfield
In Queue:
I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith
Brisingr by Christopher Paolini
The 13th Reality: The Hunt for Dark Infinity by James Dashner
Three Steps to a Strong Family by Linda and Richard Eyre
At the Water's Edge by Annette Lyon
Lost Without You by Annette Lyon
The 13th Tale by Diane Setterfield
And whatever is chosen for book club on Thursday!
Alison Wonderland gave me an award. Although at first it may seem like an insult (stay with me), trust me, it is not! Here is the award:

And now I would like to bestow this upon some people I know will appreciate it:
Flip Flop Mama, Julie, Mother of the Wild Boys, and anybody else who loves such random SNL fun-ness (madhousewife, Susan M, and Bythelbs already got it from Alison, just fyi!). Honestly, if you are into the cowbell scene, please take it! And if you don't know what I'm talking about, please go here and be educated. And laugh.
That is all.

Coming up tomorrow: Year of Tens; The Proposal!


Amanda D said...

I love reading your book list. I really enjoyed Uglies - it was the best of the triology. I am reading Escape by Carolyn Jessop and I plan to read last last in the Refiner's Fire series by Lynn Austin next and I want to reread the Secret Life of Bees before I see the movie. I know you wanted to know. Right?

Congrats on the award!

Cheryl said...

Of course I wanted to know! ;)

Oh, and I should add that I went to the Mother in Me book signing in Provo on Saturday with Julie P. That book is in my queue now, too! Woot!

Annette Lyon said...

Great list. And I'm not biased or ANYTHING. :D

I should put a few of the ones I haven't read into my own queque.

Jolene said...

I liked the Uglies series. Don't miss the fourth book - even though they all say "trilogy" - there is a fourth book called Extras.

Right now I am reading a book called The Necklace about the 13 women in Ventura, CA who all went in together to buy a diamond necklace. I love it.

flip flop mama said...

Wohoo! Thanks for the award!