Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kid Speak, Private Blogs, and a Give-a-way!

Riding in the car, yours truly singing along with the music:

#2: Mom, you need to take singing lessons.
me: What? I took singing lessons for a long time, you know.
#2: You need to take them again.

Eating chocolate oatmeal cookies we made together from a mix (because I am "homemade" incapable. Sorry.):

#3: Tigers loves cookies.
me: They do?
#3: Yep.
me: How do you know Tigers love cookies?
#3: Because I smart. I'm Four now.
me: Okay. But why do Tigers love cookies?
#3: Because they have chocolate chips!
me: Well, why to Tigers like chocolate chips?
#3: Because chocolate is so good!

Well, duh, mom.
To all of my dear blogging buddies who have private blogs:
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry because I am addicted to Google Reader, which won't read private blogs for me. I get no warning or indication that you have posted something new, and because of that, I tend to forget to check your blog. It's nothing personal. In fact, quite a few times I think "Why hasn't Kelly A. posted anything, yet?" or "Whatever happened to Laura?" or "I wonder what's going on with Kathryn and Dave?" and "Cheryl (Cardalls) seems to have forgotten to tell us about her life!"
And then I realize I'm an idiot, because I haven't checked their blogs.
Mother of the Wild Boys, though --she spoils me. She sends an email to those who have access to her blog every time she posts something. I love this. Love, love, love this. I always know when to check her blog (she even provides the link in the email, crazy girl!) and I'm never feeling guilty for forgetting to check. Because I don't. Because she won't let me.
I don't expect everyone to do this, but it's not a bad idea, you know. Hint, hint. Double hint (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!).
So therefore, however, and what-with, if you private bloggers could forgive me, I'd appreciate it. I don't intend on ignoring you; I try not to. I feel bad when it seems like I am! I just want you to understand why it looks like I'm ignoring you. Maybe one day Google (the genius people they are) will come up with a way for us to view private blogs by recognizing our sign-in name or something. Wouldn't that be awesome?!
But until then, know that I love ya, and I'll keep on trying to remember to stop by and visit.
Leslie's 100th post is coming up! To commemorate this honor, she's hosting a give-a-way, of course. Hooray for give-a-ways! Leslie is a Tupperware consultant, and so you have a choice of some awesome Tupperware to win. Go check it out, tell her I sent you, and then spread the word!
*UPDATE: Go read Amanda's post. It's a goodie.


Jolene said...

I am with you on the private blog checking. It is hard. Now Cheryl, I think of you as a smart, outgoing woman who knows how to get things done. I nominate you to contact google and tell them about all of these Mormon housewives who are converted to their reader, and how we need them to fix this little hitch for us.

I am also with the tigers on the chocolate chip cookie issue.

Kelly A. said...

I'll add you to my email if you want my daily minutia cluttering up your inbox. While you are contacting google, tell them to up the quota of people who can be added to private blogger emails. They only let you add 10, I think. I'm up to 8!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Oh, thanks for the recognition. :) You know I send those emails so you won't forget about me!

BTW, I read (and loved) Amanda's post. Check out my comment there.

PS- Love ya!

Amanda D said...

Aww, thanks for the link love, Cheryl!

I have never had singing lessons. Apparently I need to, too. I will never forget when we were in church sitting behind a woman with a beautiful singing voice. My daughter was on my lap and she watched the woman singing and then looked at me and made this face like, "what are you doing?!". She was probably 2 then. Now, she just tells me to stop singing. Sigh.

I'm with you on google reader. Tell Kelly A. to add me to her list too. That would be grand. And I second the nomination for you to contact google.

Cristy said...

Mmmm Cookies... oh, sorry.

Yea, so I totally agree about the private blog thing. I've debated going private or not several times since starting to blog, and ultimately won't do it because of the reader thing.

Good luck with the Ward Party! Those fall ones are the best up there! Being in charge on Enrichment in my new ward really makes me appreciate the talent and wide range of interests we could draw on in your ward!

Anonymous said...

Just this morning Goose was telling me to stop singing, but then I've never had singing lessons so I have a good excuse.

flip flop mama said...

Yeah I'm with you on the private blog thing. I always forget to check them, but I made a folder in my Google Reader that is just Private blogs so they don't get lost in the big list.

Cardalls said...

sorry i'm forgotten (sniff, sniff) really i'm just kidding. i can add you to my email list if you're sure you want to read every silly post! :)

Cardalls said...

just added you one minute ago, you are now officially subscribed to my blog.

Carie said...

I have a private blog and came up with a *genius* way to put it on google.reader. This is kind of confusing to explain but it totally works.

Whenever I post on my private blog, I post on a separate public blog my link to my private blog.

Do you see where this is going?

Google.reader will display my public blog- the link to my private blog. All you have to do is click on that and wah-lah! You are taken straight to my private blog, if you are signed in.

Clever, no?

Christine said...

Cheryl, it sounds like you and Brandon are just awesome. I'm pretty sure that I will still be seeking your counsel on the teenage thing - but please share your experiences. I'm sure they will be great for all of us to learn from. Thanks for the advice, though. It truly was helpful to see it from an outsiders perpective. And man am I glad that I met you my senior year, too! I wish I wouldn't have been so stupid and would have been friends with you and so many others all through school - not just my senior year. But it is so awesome to keep in touch now and to learn from you in this stage of our lives. You're just incredible.

Your kids sound like they might have their momma's spunkiness. Love it!

Leslie said...

Thanks for the shout out're too kind! I'm with you on the private blog thing...I just can't remember to check them! And...I think tigers like chocolate chips too...very clever children you have!

Cheryl said...

Pshaw! I'm not THAT outgoing. But you have intrigued me and I may have to write a letter. :)

Add me! Add me! If you have 2 more slots, baby, add me in!
Oh, and add Amanda, too. :)

I could never forget about you, though. :)

We could take singing lessons together. Sort of. Long distance ones. Ha!

You guys should show up to our party, you know. It's going to be a blast and I need your validation that what I did was good. And you know everybody will be glad to see you! Seriously --seriously --come to the party!

What is it with kids thinking none of us can sing? Harumph!

Flip Flop-
Ooh, that's a good idea; keeping a list. I may have to do that!

Yay! I'm added! Yay!

Welcome to the world of Happiness and Craziness. And your private to public to private sneaky trick is very, very good. Pay attention private bloggers; she's got a great idea!

Aww, you're sweet. You weren't stupid, you know, and it wasn't really your fault. And think about how much sweeter it is now to know the difference!
Spunkiness, eh? I like that. :)

You are welcome. And thanks! I think they are very clever, too. ;)

Julie said...

Amen on the private blogs. I am an official GR addict.

And your kids are funny.

And I want some chocolate chip cookies.

Cheryl said...

I would make you cookies, Julie! Too bad I'm homemade incapable. Sorry.