Friday, September 26, 2008

All Kinds of Random (With Some Political-Ness)

I've been thinking a lot lately, if you couldn't tell. My posts have been very...introverted. Lots of thinking and introspection and introspected thinking. And such.
It's good to be all thinking sometimes, but after a while, even I get tired of it.
I've already decided to dedicate at least 2 posts next week to updates on my husband and children, since they deserve some time in the spotlight, right? These posts will be full of pictures, too. So, stay tuned for these amazing posts, since they will be so wonderful and blah, blah, blah...
I love The Office. Do you love The Office? I do! I love it so much, in fact, I was tempted to skip book club last night to watch it. But I chose to attend book club instead (which really was the best choice --it was an amazing experience that I should blog about at another date) because I have TiVo. So as soon as I got home (and Brandon finished watching USC get beaten by Oregon State --WOW! Hooray for OR!), I stayed up to watch The Office premiere.
Man, I love that show!
So does Julie (who has a spoiler alert if you haven't seen it yet, which would be weird, considering it's the premiere, and it was last night and haven't we all seen it by now?!) and Bythelbs. In fact, Bythelbs is having a great give-a-way in honor of The Office!
Politics are messy and stinky. But they are necessary to speak about when faced with voting for our future President. So, just to let it all out, I have decided to vote for McCain/Palin. I pretty much always lean Republican, although I always reserve the right to change my mind. This year, however? I read the entire Obama Platform (all of 'em. He's had more than one, you know).
I am soooooo voting Republican.
Speaking of elections, there's a big Proposition in California. If I still lived there, I know I would be supporting Proposition 8, even though several of my family members would be against it. If I still lived in California, I would be donating time and money to helping it pass, even though several family members are donating time and money to help defeat it. If I still lived in California, I would have to explain my position over and over and over, and I would do it by using m&m's words. Because m&m, I have decided, is one of my favorite "explainers." She explains things in a way that teaches, lifts, and unifies. There is no room for discord and contention in the things she says --a gift, I have told her, that she has been so blessed with! M&M does such a good job, too, of compiling information:
In this link, she gives you a list of websites that are supporting Proposition 8 and many studies that have been done in Europe (Sweden, Norway, and Denmark) where SSM has been legal for many, many years, as well as some articles from Liberal Democrats who oppose SSM.
In this link, she explains why and how it is possible to love a Gay person and still Oppose gay marriage, and how hurtful it is when people assume there is hatred and bigotry.
In this link, she provides ways for people to help pass Prop 8 in California, even if you don't live there (ooh! Like me!).
And in case you haven't heard, here is the reasoning behind the LDS Church's involvement in Proposition 8, their stand on families, and the eternal nature of marriage. And that, dear reader, is one of the main reasons I support it.
Like I said, I have several family members (and friends) who feel differently than I do. And that's okay. I hope we can agree to disagree, because it doesn't matter how many times we discuss it, go through it, talk about it, debate it, etc. my mind cannot change. And I don't expect to change their minds, either. But I do expect us to still love and respect each other, because that's what family and friends do, right?

How would you vote on Prop 8 if you lived in CA? If you do live there, how are you voting? And are you an Obama supporter or a McCain supporter? And do you like The Office? Why not! Let's just talk about it all, dear reader. Let's talk about it all...


Cardalls said...

I would vote in favor of Prop. 8. In fact 6 years ago it was on the ballot in NV and I went door to door gathering information and giving information regarding it. I am voting McCain/Palin. I am a registered independent and BOY am I getting a lot of political attention in the way of phone calls, proselyting visits etc... I LOVE it. I cannot support Obama for many reasons, but his stand on abortion is scary! I do like The Office and the belly laughs it produces, but have to admit I don't watch it much, in fact I have not been watching TV much at all lately, I usually fall asleep early!

RoAnn said...

I would like to second your comments about m & m being a great "explainer." As you so aptly put it, "She explains things in a way that teaches, lifts, and unifies."

Politics: If I lived in California I would vote for Prop 8. I support it for all the reasons you mentioned.
I'm not very happy with McCain as a candidate, or with his positions on some issues. I am much less happy with some of the positions that Obama has articulated. Thus, unless something big happens before election day to change my mind (which could happen!), I will probably vote for McCain/Palin.

"The Office": I watch very little T.V., and have never watched it. But it's fun to read what you say about it! :)

Julie P said...

I've had a hard time with Prop 8, and I've not wanted to admit that to my LDS friends! I started out really upset about the church pushing SO hard for it, and knew at once I needed to pray to have my heart softened. It's taken awhile, but I can finally say I would vote for it. I wouldn't feel comfortable going door to door or making phone calls like my parents and friends are doing, but I'm really happy with how far I've come, and peaceful that I finally feel that I am following the prophets counsel, even if I don't live in CA. (scandal ahead) I do worry about the LDS members creating web sites against prop 8 and working so hard to get people, LDS and not, to go against the counsel of the prophet. Scary stuff.

Julie said...

I would vote for Prop 8. I don't think I'm going to vote for McCain/Palin (for reasons I'll put out there one of these days when I have 5 hours to type/edit, etc.). This doesn't mean I'm necessarily planning to vote Obama/Biden, though. I just need to become "decided." I do appreciate, this year, that I live in Utah so it doesn't really, in the end, matter HOW I vote. We all know where our electoral votes are going....

As for the Office...I put the spoiler alert because I typed that post last night. I didn't want to ruin it for any friends who might be surfing waiting for their DVR to magically make commercials disappear! And Oh, how I loved loved loved last night's episode. I even hurried my VTer out the door 15 minutes after she got to my house. Nicely, I promise. But a girl's got priorities. And if they're gonna wait till the end of the month, I reserve the right to shoo them away for the premiere of The Office! :)

JustRandi said...

Yeah, I think when you go against the counsel of the prophet you can find yourself on shaky ground.

Of course, you know who I'm voting for!

And wasn't the office great last night?

Dangerous. Tacky. Sharks. Haunted.

Cheryl said...

No, no! I meant it would be weird if anyone HADN'T seen it by now. Not that you would have put "spoiler alert" on your post. That's all. :)

flip flop mama said...

I'm voting yes on Prop 8 but like Julie P wasn't sure at first. I knew I needed to follow the prophet but had a hard time accepting it at first. I am fully involved and a supporter now though.

I loved The Office last night! Oh how I love that show!

bythelbs said...

I heart The Office.

I don't heart talking about politics.

Julie Wolfe said...

Oh my goodness...I loved The Office last night! Oh so good and so many surprises...the fact that it was an hour premire was amazing! (That's what she said.) I can't wait till next week!

Leslie said...

We have a similar proposition on the ballot in Arizona in November. I am in complete support. I think that the ramifications are much greater than we really realize.

I know I'm lame...I've never seen an episode of The Office...if I had TiVo...I'd for sure watch it...but I don' don't.

I wish that there was a better choice for president. I am not in love with McCain, but I am much more afraid of Obama. I do like what I know about Palin (and I don't buy into all the rumors, etc) and I can't stand Biden!!! So...I will vote for the McCain/Palin ticket...but wish it was a Romney/Anybody ticket.

Cheryl said...

YES! I would have preferred Romney over McCain --for sure. For. Sure.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I would vote for Prop 8, I'm leaning toward McCain/Palin, and I LOVE THE OFFICE!!

Pam's picture of Dwight? Hil-ar-ious! And Jim & Pam in the rain? So satisfying. Not to mention Michael in the semi-inflated sumo suit? I wish they would've written him getting fat into this know, like sympathy weight gain for his pregnant ex who's having a baby that's not his. :D It was pure genius from start to finish (including the scene with Toby in the hospital)!

Weatherspoon Family of 6 said...

We were able to pass a law in Nevada for maraige to be only between a man and a woman I think that it is great to support a cause and get behind it.


Never A True Aggie said...

I loved the Office last night! I actually had a dream about it last night. I hope there is a marriage at the end of the season...the right one anyway.

As for Prop 8, I can see why the church is behind it. I also had some "concerns" about the church and state stuff and what even Joseph Smith said about it, but I also have faith in my leaders, so it was hard you know. I think there has been a lot of talk over people who do or do not support it and the spiritual ramifications. Personally, I think it is between the person and the Lord. I think as long as you don't come out and oppose the church in a public way (such as some websites have), then I think that you are still in good standing. Anyway, I think I could walk around and pass out flyers, but I don't think I would engage in any long drawn out conversation because I know I would lose. I have no logical reasoning, only spiritual ones and those two things don't always go hand in hand.

The vote. First I need to get a license here in MI so I can vote! I will do this soon. I used to like McCain a lot, but I am unimpressed with him since the convention. Obama has been so, so. I actually think they are more alike then different. Palin has been a little weird lately. I have not been pleased with her response to questions that she could have been coached for. So, we will see. Right now I just want someone who can get us out of this mess (economic, War, health care, homelessness, hunger, joblessness, etc.) without too much harm. I have been totally unimpressed with Pres. Bush. I can't even listen to him anymore.

Alisa said...

The Office is one of my all time favorites. I have the first season on my little ipod so that I can watch it on my lunch break. My fellow teachers look over at me curiously as I snicker in the corner! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I'm voting McCain/Palin. I live in WI AND I'm an educator so I'm pretty much surrounded by very liberal democrats on a daily basis, however there are a few things I just can't swallow in regards to Obama...and you're absolutely right, Politics are a dirty, stinky business. Ah well...

Alison Wonderland said...

I don't really like the Office. I know, I know but don't ban me from the site please.

I may vote McCain Palin but more likely I'll write my father in (I do it every election.) (Yay for Utah and it not mattering one way or 'tother.) I just can't ever get past the fact that anyoe who wants that job is way to crazy to have it.

Prop 8? I guess I'd vote for I know next to nothing about the details of the prop (I can't even be bothered to really educate myself on issues in my own state) but I am somewhat conflicted about the SSM issue independent of this particular legal battle.

m_and_m said...

If you want to get involved with Prop 8, email me. Going through that link will be a lot more cumbersome. I just did that because I didn't want to manage a lot of strangers. But I have stuff I could give you right away. And I could use your help!

And I appreciate your kind words. I'm grateful to feel that you can feel my heart even as I write about some difficult topics sometimes.

m_and_m said...

p.s. I have never seen The Office. I guess about now I'm feeling weird. :)

Arlene said...

I live in California and I am definitely voting for Prop. 8. We are actively working on this Proposition. In fact, I was at a meeting at 6:00 a.m. yes, that is a.m. on this. The prophet is concerned. In fact, we all should be concerned.

brenbot. said...

Definitely voting no on Prop 8.

Probably voting for Ralph Nader.

Love The Office but I am behind a season so I didn't watch the premiere. I heard Kelly was doing the same cleanse as me. Amazing.

brenbot. said...

P.S. Love you!

Cheryl said...

I love you, too. :)

Maryanne said...

I'm voting for Obama/Biden. I'm curious to know what points of the platform you who mentioned reading it and disliking it disagree with. I've read a lot about both candidates and watched at least 10 of the primary debates and then Friday's debate and I find that McCain seems to revert to the same answers repeatedly without seeming to really have thought through issues (paricularly pertaining to the economy). I certainly do not support abortion but there are a lot of moral issues in this and every election. I've heard obama say that we need to reduce the numbers of abortions, but that he will not move to legislate against it. I can understand not agreeing with that point, but what is "Scary" about it?
I honestly want to know your thoughts.

Cheryl said...

Well, first off, welcome to my blog! I don't recognize you so I don't know if you've been here before...

What do I not like about Obama? Here's the list:
*His sudden patriotism when he gets the Presidential bid (along with his wife who said she had never been proud of her country until her husband got the bid. What the?).
*His socialist medicine views (my family is all Canadian and they could tell you over and over how much they hate socialist medicine).
*His pro-abortion views (that don't simply state Roe v Wade should stay on the lawbooks --I actually agree with this (gasp!) --but he actually supports 3rd tri abortion!? Wha?)
*His gay "rights" views (It chafes my hide that someone should have "rights" just because of who they want to have sex with.)
*He belongs to a church that spouts Anti-American and Anti-White (which is racist, last time I heard) rhetoric for 20+ years, but as soon as he gets the bid, he leaves the Church? Wha? Mitt Romney didn't leave his church because people got all crtical of him. Of course, his church wasn't preaching hate...
*His foreign policy ideas. (I have a brother who is a soldier and he told me that pretty much every military person will be voting for McCain. They don't want to be in Iraq, but Obama's ideas of leaving ASAP is national suicide. And my brother served one tour in Iraq and will be going to Afghanistan in 2 years; he has a pregnant wife and 2 year old son, but even she is voting for McCain and not Obama)
*His speeches are powerful and swaying and teary-eyed but he doesn't SAY ANYTHING. What is he going to do in Washington? He never says what he's going to do. He just spouts poetry and millions swoon.
*His tax reform? Is it even passable in the House/Senate? Most of what he "promises" in his platform (written, not spoken, because like I said, he never SAYS anything) are not even possible.
*What type of judges is he going to put in? The type that overturn laws because of their own personal politics?
*He is "scary" because he is such a powerful speaker. Look at the millions of people that follow him and drool everytime he speaks. If he can sway a nation to do his bidding, even though he's had no experience, voted very little (in the Senate), and barely thought about the future of this country until suddenly HE could be the leader of the free world (hot dog!), then what does that say about us? That we're so desperate for change we'll jump on the coolest rhetoric bandwagon we can find, his platform be damned?

That is why he is scary. He may not commit widespread genocide, but seriously? People would probably do it if he asked them to, just like Hitler did. All Hitler had was a silver toungue, and a nation followed him to the death.
Granted, Obama is probably NOT going to be Hitler (all those checks and balances and what-not, hallelujah! Plus, he might have a conscience), but what does it say that so many people have thought of a dictator when thinking about Obama? I'm not the only one, you know, to have made that comparison.

I will agree with you that McCain is NOT the best choice. I'm picking the lesser of two evils here (unfortunately). McCain is somewhat of a puppet with old ideas and Palin is starting to prove that she's quite ignorant of very important policies. But I'd rather have that than the alternative. And how annoying that, once again, I'm voting based on how much worse the other guy is...Sigh...

Maryanne, thanks for asking! Nobody asks me and it's made me think harder about it. I'm glad you came by. Come again!