Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blog Awards, Fabulous Mail Surprises, and a 25th Birthday

I got an award! Wowzahs! Thanks to Leslie for giving it to me. My blog, apparently, is Brillante! No, not brilliant. Brilliante!

The rules are: Put the logo on your blog, and put a link to me (who awarded it to you) on your blog. You need to nominate 7 other bloggers for the award and put up links to them. Then, leave a comment for those you have nominated - so they know they have received a special award!
Here are my nominees:
Bythelbs at By the lbs
Julie at Just Trying to Remember
Mother of the Wild Boys at Where the Wild Things Are
Amanda at The Little Things
Flip Flop Mama at Flip Flop Mama
Janelle at Regally Blonde
Michelle at All We Ever Find

If you sense any favoritism in my blog award nominees, then...uh...keep it to yourself? Maybe? Wait, what? Oooh, look a shiny thing!
(totally stole that from Becky, i have a cat. Can't help it. She's a genius!)
More about Leslie:
Remember a while back when I was having the Down Day of all Down Days? Well, sweet Leslie asked for my address immediately. Knowing that she wasn't a crazy stalker, I relented, and I was blessed for my trust about a week later:

No, she didn't send me a clock. It's the cross-stitch that she not only cross-stitched for me (a skill I've never mastered. Okay, I can't even do it remotely well. At all.), but put in a frame! Isn't it beautiful? And you can tell how much I like it because it got a prized place on top of my very piano-like Clavinova (which reminds me, I really want a real piano one day. Brandon, did you hear that? Hint-hint!). Isn't she the sweetest friend? Made my whole weekend!
If you are ever in need of a pick-me-up, dear reader, you are welcome to come over here to Happy Meets Crazy and read Leslie's cross stitch. Because, indeed, a Hug Will Do.
Thank you, Leslie!
Finally, I think the world needs to know that my baby sister, Michelle, is TWENTY-FIVE! That's right, dear reader. Today is her 25th birthday, and although she feels old (Bwhahahaha, chuckle, chuckle, *snort), she is a gorgeous 25 and will always be younger and better looking than me.
Not. Fair.
So, Happy Birthday, sis! I hope you have a good day. And enjoy being 25. I promise that it goes by quickly, and before you know it, you'll be starting down at 30 and wondering where the time went! Love you!


Dan and Michelle said...

Thanks for the award...I like to think that the favoritism was solely for me, right? ;)

Thanks for the birthday wishes too. See you soon.

Jolene said...

I love that saying - I'm glad you posted it. There are days when I will need that. A Hug Will Do!

Janelle said...

Hi Cheryl, thanks for the Brillante award. I am honored! However, I feel ignorant because

a. I don't know what Brillante means.
b. I don't know how to put widgets in my sidebar by myself (wordpress is weird)
c. My current post is so lame that receiving an award on the same day as it seems crazy! But happy like you.

I'll try to figure out my sidebar issues.

And...I went to WW yesterday and saw your magnificent before and after photos! You are a star - and also sooo brillante!

Cheryl said...

a. I think Brillante is like colour. You know, it's English or Canadian or something.
b. It's just a picture; you can copy and paste it as a Jpeg on your file and upload it as such.
c. None of your posts are lame. Ever!

Ooh! I'm famous! You must have gone to the Walnut Creek WW place. Yeah, they love me there. Heehee. :)

Exactly. A hug can cure almost anything!

No worries and you're welcome. :)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Wow! I got an award? Thanks. I do feel honored...or is it honorede?

Anonymous said...

Honorede. Snort. I love Mother.

Cheryl, it's like you're trying to single-handedly keep my self-esteem afloat. You're awesome. Thanks.

Man, your sister is like a quarter century old now! Practically a golden girl! Has she prepped a bucket list yet?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Amanda D said...

Awww, thanks! I think that you are pretty brillante too.

Fun surprises in the mail rock. I think of you everytime I see my oven mitt!

Off to check out Leslie's blog!

flip flop mama said...

What a cute cross stitch!

Oh and thanks so much for the award! I feel so privileged!

Leslie said...

Aw shucks Cheryl...you're way too kind...SERIOUSLY. Have I ever told you before...you make me smile. :)

And happy birthday to your sis. 25...yep, she's old. ;)

Jeanette said...

I like Leslie too. I found your blog through her blog.