Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Blah...It's August...and Blah...

When August hits, I'm so ready for school to start. And for the weather to cool down. And for the longest nap of my life.
Well, school doesn't start for two more weeks, the weather will remain hot until October, and I probably won't get a nap until 2028.
So, until then, I'm trying to stay sane. And non-depressed (hard to do when one struggles with depression, eh?). Staying busy helps, and so I'm working on a post about our trip to Atlanta. Oh, the stories to tell! The joy-riddled adventure that will leave you all begging for more! I know you can hardly wait!
There's also another post I'm working on where I will describe for you my joy in meeting Summer and her husband. Yes! I met Summer! And her husband! Yesterday! And obviously I'm quite excited about it!

Other ways I'm going to stay busy this week:
  • Teach 9 piano lessons.
  • Go to the Library.
  • Make and pass out Birthday Party invites for #3's 4th birthday party this weekend.
  • Plan said birthday party.
  • Buy gifts for the birthday boy.
  • Shower occasionally.
  • Visit with old friends.
  • Blog.
  • Clean the house.
  • Wonder why everything in our house has to fall apart at the same time and in myriad of ways.
  • Go to Idaho after said birthday party for Baby Brother's Open House. And another birthday party.
  • Try to convince #4 that Nursery is a beautiful place, full of food and toys and wonderful things!
  • Start thinking about back-to-school shopping. Because I procrastinate like that.

That is all. Sorry I don't have any good questions to ask, so feel free to comment about whatever I said. Or didn't say. In fact, you could tell me how you feel about the weather, macaroni and cheese, Ferris Bueller, or the price of rice in China. Serious! This is a free for all today.


Susan M said...

I'm jealous you got to meet Summer and Tom!

My house is a wreck from having multiple guests over the weekend...and just summer in general. So hard to keep the house clean with kids in it constantly.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

My happy meter went up a notch just seeing that you had a new post today. :)

Anonymous said...

What, you don't have read Breaking Dawn on your list?

We've finally convinced #4 that Nursery is a beautiful place, full of food and toys and wonderful things. It only took us a year and a half. See, there's hope!

Cheryl said...

They expressed great interest in meeting you, btw. :)

Awww. You are too sweet!

DOH! I totally am buying Breaking Dawn this week; and I am not ashamed. I do feel slight shame, however, in not remembering to post about it. So perhaps there is some shame after all? Who knew!

1 1/2 years to like nursery!? Please don't let that be us...please don't let that be us...say it with me...please don't let that be us...

Becky, I have a cat said...

I don't know about the price of rice in China, but I did have rice pudding last night. MMMmmmmmm.

Cheryl said...

Ooh! I love me some rice pudding...

Leslie said...

So...after reading your list...I am off to take a nap. *yawn*

P.S. Welcome back...

Jeanette said...

Weather-It rained for the first time in weeks last night. We had a wonderful Midwest thunder storm complete with a down pour, and lots of lightning and thunder.
macaroni and cheese-my son calls it roni mac and cheese. I don't like the stuff in the blue box but it is nice and easy for the kids lunch. If I make some for dinner it is homemade.
Ferris Bueller-Man! I loved that movie! Loved it! And Matthew Broderick.
price of rice in China-I have no idea and I am not sure if I really need to know.
It sounds like you have a busty week.

Amanda D said...

I think that it is hilarious that Jeanette put "busty week." I assume it was supposed to be busy, but maybe it is busty too!

We have another month until school starts and today I wish that it started today. Yesterday, I was okay with it being another month away. Go figure.

I have season 2 of 24 waiting for me at the library so I can't wait to go!

Anonymous said...

Rice pudding? Shudder.

Julie said...

Amen, bythelbs, shud-der. It is such a travesty that Stanton likes the darn stuff so much. The homemade version, I might add. Thank goodness we live so close to his mother. She provides it more often than me and that's not sayin' much.

I'm reading BD right now. I'm trying to control the obsessiveness. Like taking a break to blog is controlling the obsessiveness. Hmmmm....

School starting? I know of no such thing in my world. It sounds lovely.

I'd really like to be having a baby right now.

Courtney N said...

I hope its not my fault that things in your house are falling apart. I was there for a few days trying to hold down the fort... : /

Dave and Kathryn Dodds said...

We had so much fun hanging with you and your kids on Tuesday! You guys are awesome! Tell Brandon we said hi!

Cheryl said...

No way! The house was falling apart (is falling apart) before you came over. ;)

WHA?! Bythelbs and Julie don't like rice pudding!? Ah, well. Figures. I mean, it is all about texture. And pure bliss. J/K!

It was good to see you guys, too!

Ha! Busty! Ha!

Just started BD last night. I'm very surprised at myself, because I'm not all obsessed over it. It's not bad, per say, but I guess my infatation with the Vampire stuff is kind of over.

I will discuss it at length later...

Anonymous said...

My infatuation with the vampire stuff is not over, but my infatuation with BD is over.

Are you reading instead of blogging now?