Thursday, August 14, 2008

Better Than Friends? Maybe Chocolate...

Yesterday was a good day. Fabulous. Wonderful. Quite thrilling, really. There wasn't much improvement as far as the physical goes (although I did enjoy a nice shower), but the spiritual, mental, and emotional part of me was flying high. And it wasn't anything spectacular that made me feel so good --just a couple of great friends.
It's amazing what a couple of great friends can do.
In the morning, I met with Rarely Home Mom (aka Julie P.) at a park. We've met before --about 1 1/2 years ago, just before I moved to CA --so it felt like old hat. We let the kiddies play and run, and then we took them to the Purple Turtle for lunch (it's a burger place in Pleasant Grove). It was so nice to reconnect and make plans for future get-togethers. That must happen! Because I sure like that Julie P.
In the afternoon, I had one of the rarest and greatest of friends come to my house. Becky (i have a cat) drove down to spend the afternoon/evening with us. Here's some background:
Becky and I have been friends since...7th grade? I moved into her ward in the 8th grade, and I remember she rode her bike over to my house to help me unpack my room. Becky and I were in choir together in middle school, and in high school, we did band (percussion ensemble, marching band, jazz band, and symphonic band). I can't remember any event in my life that didn't have Becky a part of it. Classes, seminary, band, church, dances, dates, shopping, hanging out, being silly, being serious, Junior Miss, boyfriends, parties, and even college applications. She was there the day I said good-bye to all my friends before moving to BYU; she was there the night before my wedding, in my room, talking to me about my future with Brandon.
Over the years, we drifted a bit --just due to different lives, different paths, and different goals. But we always kept tabs on each other, and lately we've been better about keeping in touch. So, last night she came down, brought my children loads of food and toys (she spoiled them rotten!), played soccer with the kiddies, got to eat Brandon's Thai food, and stayed up late with me looking through old scrapbooks of high school. Man, it was great. Becky is fabulous and I love that she's still my buddy after all these years. Here's a picture (and a video of #4) from her visit:

A few of my high school friends have mocked me for keeping in touch with everybody. I'm one of those people that loves friends --past, present, future --and so I invest a lot of time into keeping relationships alive. Even if it means a few emails, a visit or two, or even a phone call. I'm not perfect at it, but I sure try. The pay off? Relationships that have lasted a lifetime. Friendships that stay strong, new friendships that grow quickly, and amazing blogging friendships. You know, I can't imagine my life without you, dear reader. I like friends. I need friends. What better thing is there in this world (family aside) than friends? Okay, maybe some chocolate. But after that? Friends! (haha, just kidding about the chocolate. Sort of. Okay, I wasn't kidding. I take my chocolate seriously.)

Are you still friends with high school buddies? College roomies? Childhood playmates?


Madsens said...

oh man i love friends!! i love seeing that picture of becky :) so many good memories!! did you know she works for my little sister jami in park city?? good times!!

Cheryl said...

Yeah, I knew she was working for Jami. It's funny how we're all still "connected" after all these years. :)

When are you going to come and see me?? Hmmm?? ;)

Amber said...

When I went to my 1 semester at Ricks I roomed with High School friends- and then I got married so they are who I keep connected with. I LOVE them! We all recently got together for a one of our HS friends baby showers. They were all laughing about how I was so "motherly" in HS and now how they can ask me about pretty much anyone and I have some kind of info about them. :) I just love having friends!

flip flop mama said...

There were 5 of us girls in HS that were friends and with the exception of one of them we all still are. We lost touch for a few years but 6 years ago we all got together again! It's been great! I'm glad you had a good day yesterday!

Julie said...

I'm loving that you had such a good day.

My first night in the hospital was made even better by such a visit from a know - YOU!!! You are that friend in my life who keeps things connected. I have to say that blogging has been so great this way -- I've been able to reconnect with old friends and connect with new ones through it and I love that.

Tell Becky hi. Oh, I guess I can -- HI BECKY! How's your cat?

Summer said...

Thirteen years ago I met my best friend Michelle, and we're still best friends!

Amanda D said...

I'm so jealous that you got to meet Julie P! I started reading her when they highlighted her in the Daily Herald forever ago. Probably the first I ever read!

Good friends are irreplaceable (sp?), and my sister is always amazed at how I keep in touch with friends from the past. I have been thinking of a friend from highschool and trying to find her online. No luck yet!

Becky, I have a cat said...

Cheryl, I had such a great day hanging out with you and your family. And while there are a few photos you have of me that should be destroyed, I think we all can benefit from a reminder of the people, places and experiences that shape us.

Hope you're having a great day!

Hi Christy! Guess I need to actually leave a comment or two on your blog instead of lurking from work up in Park City. Or that might get Jami wondering what exactly she's paying me to do all weekend. ;)

And Julie, congrats on the kee-ute baby. I can't comment on your blog without a blogger/google/livejournal/etc ID. Guess I should relearn to use that thing called e-mail.

Cardalls said...

my college and high school friends tell me i am the "glue" that holds us all together. i plan get togethers, and email and call as much as possible. i really treasure life long friendships, i have two friends i have had relationships for over 35 years, there is so much comfort and security in those relationships because they truly know me and love me for me and i for them.

Courtney N said...

Yes, yes, and yes. My best friend and I have been friends for 12 years! That is more then 1/2 my life! I am still really close to my college buddies (especially since I just graduated a year ago). I love keeping in contact with people! Blogging helps with that for sure!

Amber said...

I keep in touch with about 70 percent of my roommates and mission companions (and believe me when you get married at 30, you have a lot of them). I'm the same as you and firmly believe in nurturing those relationships. But admittedly if they don't do email, they are lost to me. Phone, what's that?

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I met my high school best friend 16 years ago, and we are still BFFs. I still keep in touch with one of my three college roomies, and have a friend or two from my childhood that I see. Other than that, I have a hard enough time keeping in touch with family! I totally agree with Amber, if they don't use email they're lost to me! :)

FluffyChicky said...

I have friends from all stages of my life that I still keep in touch with. I'm a nerd like that. :)
Totally jealous of your play-date. I know no blogging friends nearby. *pout*

Janelle said...

What? I need that Daily Herald link Julie! Fun you guys got together. Many a good blogger has lived in our ward. I keep in touch with all people who are willing to blog or email. I hate the phone too. But that being said, I keep in touch with all of my BIG 5 college roomates whom I love and adore as well as our friends who are smart/stupid enough to move away from CA. But one thing I do wish I did better was Christmas cards, I couldn't call or visit anyone if I wanted to as I've never kept an address or phone book up. I am so lame.

Cheryl said...

Just seeing the surprise on your face was worth the extra 1 1/2 hour drive. Totally worth it. :)

Hey, I'm thinking the next time I'm in Idaho, I'm gonna plan some "friend" time, since it looks like all weddings are over for now. :) And something else --don't tell anybody (haha), but I'm thinking of doing a Bloggersnacker for all No. Utah and So. Idaho bloggers sometimes in the next few months or so. Maybe you could meet some blogging buddies there!

FluffyChicky said...

A bloggersnacker?! Ooh! That would be fantastic!! :)

TaLaisa said...

I remember all my friends and think of them quite often.

When I left High School I didn't have many friends left, I was dumped by a certain friend and she took the whole lot of them along with her. How I don't really remember. Why? It's too painful to think about.

I live fairly close to where I grew up and see lots of my friends parents around town, I'm kind of keeping tabs on them that way.

I had great roommates. Fabulous even. It was so nice to have friends that knew nothing of my high school existence. I used to think that they were just part of a past life, we'd gone our separate ways and the memories were all I had. Until recently I've been able to once again reconnect with 3 of them. I'm so grateful for the internet world opening that up for me.

And most especially for those great friends.

Sara said...

i can totally relate. i try to do the same thing, but i think you're much better at it than me. i've lost track of lots of high school friends. honestly, if someone doesn't email or blog ... i don't know how to keep in touch with them anymore! isn't that sad?

i've always loved (and NEEDED) to have lots of friends and people around me. :)

i'm so glad to see and hear about people (like becky -- hi becky!) who you're still in touch with. blogging really is perfect for friendships :)

Jeanette said...

I think it is awesome that you keep in touch with your friends. I've moved so often since we've been married and made lots of friends all over but have not been good at keeping in touch with them. I am working on reconnecting with many people though. (Having a blog has really helped with that!)

m&m said...

I got together with my freshman roomies (all of them!) and had my 20th reunion this summer. SOOO fun!

But, I haven't gotten together with YOU yet! :(