Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Haircuts, Scents, Silver, and Weddings

I took the girls with me to the Recital on Monday night, but I left the boys home with their dad, since they just don't appreciate hour-long recitals just yet.
When we got home, we saw that daddy had given the boys some haircuts. #4's is just a tad shorter (not much of a difference to take pictures of it), but #3? Buzzed!
me: Wow! #3, do you like your haircut?
#3: (giggling) It tickles!

And if he isn't cute enough, yesterday he said:
Mom? I really want to carry a small crocodile!
But you have to hear it the way he says it: I weeley wanna cawey a small cwocodial! And he has the cutest pout that is accentuated by those gorgeous brown eyes. How can you not just want to kiss his face when he talks like that?
Oh? Why a crocodile? We saw some small ones at the zoo last week. He really, really liked them. But we hadn't talked about them since, and so his declaration was quite unexpected. Best part? I totally knew what he was talking about.
For all you Twilight Fans:
Go to Summer's blog. She's having a give-a-way that is very "scent-illating". Go enter!
Amanda D wrote a post yesterday that I just loved. If you are in need of some inspirational perspective, go check it out.
I am leaving this weekend, dear reader. Brandon and I are flying to Atlanta, GA for my Baby Brother's wedding. That's right! Baby Brother (a.k.a. Jared) is getting married! This is strange to me. Strange because I remember the day he was born with extreme clarity. How could he be old enough to get married? Ah, well. He's marrying a fabulous Southern girl, and we're very excited for him.
Best part?
It will be the first time my parents, all my siblings, and all our spouses are in the Temple together. All 10 of us!
Even more best part?
None of the grandkids are coming.
Oh, I know, that sounds all harsh and what-not, but weddings with small children are very hard. Add in a four hour flight and babysitters (because they can't attend the actual wedding, what with it being in a Temple and all), and it turns into a vivid nightmare. So, here's a HUGE thank you to my neighbor and Cousin Courtney for taking the kids this weekend. You guys are fabulous!
Well, I'm off to get ready for this weekend. I'll try to stick around these here parts (a.k.a. Blog land) for the next 36 hours or so, but after that? I'm gone, baby! Gone!
P.S. Anybody know how to deal with the Georgia/Tennessee heat in August? While wearing a Bridesmaid dress? And wanting to look good?


Kim Siever said...

My son and I usually shave our heads in May.

Tortuga said...

I can't believe your little brother is getting married!!! That's makes me feel so OLD and SINGLE!!!! One day, one day :)

Anonymous said...

He's adorable.

No advice on the staying cool for the wedding, but I hope you have fun. And we'll get pictures of the bridesmaid dress, right? With you in it, I mean.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Those eyes are melt-able! And I hope you have a great weekend/date. And as for the heat, I was a bridesmaid in Texas humidity...I say wear your hair up, use waterproof make-up, and don't put on the dress until the last minute!
PS-I second bythelbs vote for a picture of you in the dress!

Grandma Rozla said...

#3 is so cute! Have a great time at the wedding - tell all the fam HI from me!

Anonymous said...

Your boy is precious. So cute. I love little buzzed-head boys.

Have a great time at the wedding, sans children! Can't help you with the Georgia heat thing. I never had to look good in humidity before. Just keep a big smile on your face, thinking of how awesome it is to be at a wedding without the kids.

Cardalls said...

my boys are buzzed from the time they are 2 (my sweet husband can't wait to get his clippers on that hair!)and they HATE it when it grows out because then Mom has to COMB it--heaven forbid!

Have fun at the wedding--oh how i LOVE attending weddings in the temple--one of the benefits of our former calling was to attend many temple sealings.

Cristy said...

Aw, cute haircut! I love summer when we can just buzz the boys crazy! I wish I could do that for my girls...

becky, i have a cat said...

My advice for the heat/ your head too. Hahahaha! I kid, I kid. Not much you can do about it but remember everyone else is sticky sweaty too. And I second the waterproof makeup. Have fun!

Amanda D said...

I just cut my Oldest's hair shorter than it has been in a long time and he loved rubbing the back. Your boy is very cute. Great smile. And brown eyes. I love brown eyes.

Have so much fun at the wedding with out kids. You are very smart! My advice is to take some good humidity-resistant hair stuff. My hair is a disaster when I go some where else!