Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Kisses

Remember my post about my Year of Tens?
Well, yesterday was a Ten day (June 20th. 10+10=20, you know). Ten years ago, yesterday (in the evening sometime), Brandon kissed me for the first time. Yep!
What's that? You want to hear the story? Well, if you insist!

If you recall, our first date was on Wednesday, June 10, 1998 (a Ten!). It didn't take long (maybe four days) before we both realized that we were head-over-heels for each other. I remember we had our DTR (determine the relationship) on a Sunday evening (Wed to Sun is four days, right?). Brandon didn't want to date someone he worked with (we worked together), and I figured he was halting our relationship. Instead, he told me he was making an "exception" to his own rule because he liked me so darn much. Or something like that.

Anyway, thus began months of pure bliss. Of course, he was a gentleman, and after the first week, I figured he wouldn't kiss me for a while. In fact, the morning of June 20th, 1998, I told my mother on the phone that Brandon hadn't kissed me yet, there's nothing to worry about, and yes, I'm taking things slowly, and no, I'm not going to push myself on this man, come on, mom! I know better! Too funny, really, because later that night, Brandon took me on a real date. Real? Yes, real. As in, he borrowed a car from his cousin.
She was working the night shift at Target or something, and so she picked us both up and we dropped her off at work. I really liked his cousin (we totally bonded), and she let us take the car for the rest of the night. Soon after leaving her giggling in the parking lot (because I think she totally knew he was going to kiss me), Brandon proceeded to drive us up through Provo Canyon. He kept going and going. We then turned up the road that goes to Sundance Ski Resort and Aspen Grove Family Camp. And we kept driving.
Personally, I was floored at the beauty of the place. I had only been up to Sundance once in my life, and it was at night (for a Freshman ward activity thing a few months before). I had seen pictures he had of Aspen Grove (he worked there before his mission) and I honestly thought it was in Colorado or something. I was from Idaho, but I was from the plains of Idaho --the Snake River Valley, if you would, and we didn't have mountains quite like Mt. Timpanogos. Anyway, I was very excited with these turn of events.

He parked the car in the parking lot near the Mt. Timp trail head, and we started hiking up the trail; slowly, holding hands. We got about 1/2 a mile up the trail (or less?) and we stopped. He wrapped his arms around my waist and we just stood there, face-to-face and talked for a minute. The sun was setting, he kept looking at my mouth, and I was FREAKING OUT.

I hadn't been kissed on the mouth by a boy for almost 3 years.

I didn't know what to do! So I kept talking. And talking. And talking. I talked about the most random things, but I do remember babbling about other boys named "Brandon":
Hey, so there was this guy named Brandon and his mom was my piano teacher and he spelled his name like yours but there was this guy in my high school classes named Branden but he spelled his name with an "e" and hey you have a good name and Brandon is pretty common isn't it and did you know...
I learned later that although Brandon was smiling at me throughout this whole ordeal, he was thinking "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!!!! I can't kiss you with you talking! Shut up!"

Silly Brandon.

Anyway, my thoughts finally ran out, and I said:
You know?
B: Yeah?
me: Yeah.
B: Yeah?
me: Mmm-hmm.

And he leaned in for the kill.

It wasn't long, it wasn't short --it was awesome. I can't say for certain that it was all fireworks and what-not, but it sure was full of chemistry! Sweet, sweet chemistry. Sigh...

Okay, now it's your turn. I want you to tell me about the first time you kissed your spouse. Or if you do not have a spouse, please tell me about a first kiss experience that rocked! Or didn't rock. Whichever. :)


makakona said...

aw, that kind of gave me butterflies! we are nearing the 13th anniversary of our first date, so the 13th anniversary of our first kiss isn't too far behind. it was after seeing "apollo 13" with my parents and i remember being SO shocked that he kissed me. the next day, i got a note from him (hey, we were in high school!) that said he was really shocked by how forward i was and that he didn't like that i had kissed him so early on. HEY, buddy! YOU kissed ME!

Kelly A. said...

Aw shucks. I love the milestones on memory lane. Can't wait for more 10's throughout the year.

Catching up here: You new haircut is AWESOME! Makes you looks so young and sassy. And your writing workshop is very interesting. Good for you for going at it, I'm loving the recaps.

Allie said...

We went to bear lake with his family. We had written for a year and a half while he was on his mission (he saw a pic of me at my sisters house (in MI) and asked if he could write me (in UT)...) anyway, the night before he asked if we could have a serious relationship. I said yeah...but no, no kiss. I was leaving the next day, I was getting gas in my car, his parents in theirs and he asked me if he could kiss me...then he did, in front of his parents filling up the gas tank! Our noses smashed and it was NOT romantic, but it sure gave me butterflies...even in front of his mom and dad!

Michele said...

The first time I kissed my husband was a week after we met. It was in the parking lot of the Concord Safeway on Denkinger. It was December 19, 2004. Romantic huh? He had driven down to hear me sing a duet at the ward Christmas fireside. He had to go get some cash for the drive home cause he forgot he needed some to cross the bridge to get back to Santa Rosa. I was waiting outside in my car with my girls watching his boys in his car. He came back out and we stood there and talked FOREVER. Finally he just leaned in and kissed me. I was like. Woo-Hoo! It was amazing! Red hot fireworks and all that jazz. It was so funny cause Hailey (who was 4 at the time) said "Oooh! You kissed my mom! Now you're going to have to marry her!" And get married we did - 2 weeks later. That was 3 1/2 years ago. :)

Courtney N said...

AWW that story is precious!

Here's my story: I was dating this guy, lets call him Goober, and I wasn't completely sure if I wanted to be exclusive with him or not (I felt I shouldn't in my gut). While I was debating this, one random night while we were outside my apartment, he went in for the kill... What did I do? I backed away from Goober and slowly went inside my apartment . Haha! I didn't want to date him exclusively and I didn't want to kiss him. Straight up rejection! Later, however, we dated and then we broke up. I guess I should have listened to my gut. Haha!

Summer said...

This made me giggle. What a cute first kiss story!

Jumbo Shrimp said...

My husband and I (before he was husband obviously) went to Conference together from San Diego after sort of knowing each other for a little while--we hadn't dated or anything though. We talked and talked the whole way up and then on the way back we started holding hands. We took my truck so I dropped him off at his house at like 1 in the morning or something and he leaned in for the kill! Now that I think about it he kind of missed but on the second try he hit the target! Ahhh memories!

Julie said...

So, first of all, my first kiss was Danny Murphy and it was pretty not great. I totally liked him and he wasn't an awful kisser, but he had really bad breath -- like a cheeseburger with onions bad. Not my favorite.

As far as husband goes, it goes like this: he came to my family reunion (3 weeks after I got home from my mission). We were sitting around as a family talking and my sister told about her roommate whose dad said he would stop paying for her college if she kissed a boy, so she and her boyfriend would blow on each other's lips. We were all laughing about this and my dad said, "Stanton, don't worry about that, just kiss Julie." So, later that night, Stanton said, "well, your dad told me to" and kissed me. It was good. Real good. And there was no bad breath. Thank goodness for dental school.