Thursday, May 01, 2008

Where is that Global Warming everyone keeps talking about??

For everyone out there that thinks Global Warming is upon us and we should all panic, please take a look at the following links:

Seriously? In May?! I grew up in Idaho and have lived in Utah 10 plus years. The winters aren't supposed to last this long.

Btw, it's 46 degrees in Provo right now. I feel bad for all those women at Women's Conference!

Julie has a solution, though, and I like it!
Inspired by this, I think I'll share what I heard during lunch today:

#3: I want more macaroni and cheese!
me: Eat your apple and you can have some more.
#3: No! I want macaroni and cheese!
me: An apple a day keeps the doctor your apple.
#3: No!
#2, looking thoughtfully: Well, TWO apples a day would keep the doctor away for TWO days. #3 should like apples more than macaroni and cheese, then he wouldn't ever have to go to the doctor!


Anonymous said...

Kids are so logical.

Julie said...

Thanks for the props.
My kids LOVE the doctor because he fills their pockets full of Tootsie Rolls and Dum Dum Suckers. I might consider switching to a Pediatrician we are NOT friends with! He thinks it's a great joke to play on Dad the dentist. I think it's a pain in the neck for Mom the laundress.

Oh, and we woke up to snow on the ground this morning. As in sticking. To the ground.

April J. said...

WE are 100% smog and sunshine, you can't have fresh air and good weather! We miss you in 80 degree California!

rick & cheryl said...

Global Warming? I heard today that scientists are saying we are going to enter a period of Global Cooling--a 10 year break from the warming--go figure. Your kids are so funny.

Amber said...

Look at the links? I'm FREAKING LIVING IT!!!

Jamie J said...

Global warming is a scam...Hope it warms up soon for you!

Leslie said...

I think the argument is that we have such freaky weather because of global warming...weird though.

I'm on my way to eat an you think that will make up for my missing my annual exam this year?

Cheryl said...

HA! Leslie, that's too funny...

I'm so sorry! (and I laughed out loud to your comment, too)

Thank you! I miss CA right now, too...

Classic. What a great Doc, though!

Jill said...

Add Nebraska to the list, we got 6 inches last night!

becca said...

Ah yes, the West and lovely prolonged winters and springs that never really are springs until one day it's dry and windy and summer. I was not looking forward to cold the end of the month when we move back, but as my mom so wonderfully put it.."Bec, it's snowed on the 4th of July before and almost always Memorial Weekend. That's Idaho." Sniff. I'm going to miss warm, 70 degree Illinois. Sniff