Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No time to blog!!

Dear Readers:

Sadly, I must apologize for my lack of American Idol and Biggest Loser critiques this morning. Not only did my DVR not record The Biggest Loser (was it moved somehow? I wouldn't know, I don't watch commercials!), but I did not watch all of American Idol last night. Oh, sure, I started to, but then the panic in my brain got me off the couch and made me wander to the bathroom cupboards, where, for a couple of hours, I sorted, purged, and packed. I listened to AI, oh, I listened! Sort of. Okay, not really, because I really was too busy! This packing/moving business has me entangled in something I like to call "NO TIME TO BLOG! NO TIME TO BLOG!" and although I keep stopping at the computer briefly to check emails, etc, I really am amazed at my self-control. In fact, dear reader, as of 7:15AM PST, I have 92 posts to read. That's right! Ninety-freakin'-Two! Aren't you amazed at my ability to NOT read when I don't have time? Me, too. Me, too. But at the same time, I realize that by next week, those numbers will be in the thousands! Thousands! Okay, maybe hundreds. But still, they will be posts I will not be able to read. How does one catch up on so many blogs? Exactly, dear reader, exactly. We may all now have a moment of silence for the posts Cheryl may never read...~sigh~

If you are still wanting a critique of AI, though, please go see Jamie J and Julie A. If they are still doing their overviews. Because, how would I know?! I'm packing, people!! NO TIME TO BLOG!!

Crazy Cheryl


Julie said...

Of course I am still doing my recap! And it's a good one :). Come visit, everyone but Cheryl. Cheryl, you go pack!

Amanda said...

You are too funny! I can give you a recap on BL. Do you want it? If not, stop reading.

They did a triathlon for the challenge and Mark and Ali tied. They did a weigh-in in Australia where Jay and Mark both GAINED 1 pound. Ali, Kelly and Roger all lost but not much. Jay was eliminated. Personally I would have gotten rid of Mark, but that is just me.

Good luck on all the packing, Cheryl!

Anonymous said...

You obviously read to many blogs. You should drop a couple, but not mine. Or anyone else's who is reading this, of course. :)

LAHansen said...

Aw...I was looking forward to your thoughts on BL...I haven't been able to watch (basically at all) this season, but did the other night. I don't know why, but it made me cry. Enjoy the ride up to UT!

McIntyre Family said...

Good luck in your move today! Wow, how exciting! I've been meaning to respond to a few questions you left on my blog lately.

1. I voted for McCain in the Texas primary. It was between McCain and Huckabee at that point and I wasn't impressed with either really, but I didn't like Huckabee more, so it left me with McCain.

2. Also, I'm 8 lbs away from how much I weighed when I got married! It's been hard work and the weight didn't want to come off for the first month and a half. But I kept at it. Even though I love running, it has been hard to motivate myself to run on the treadmill when I've only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before. I gained 52 pounds when I was pregnant (yeah, that wasn't supposed to happen, but that last trimester I gave into every craving and was too tired to work out) so, I'm pretty stoked that I only have 8 lbs left. You and Brandon and my family have all been great motivators! My dad, mom and Camille have all lost a lot of weight over the last 6 months, so it's nice to see that other people are doing it too.

Anyway, you and Brandon both look great! I'm so impressed!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems that other people blog the most when I am too busy to read their blogs.

In deference to your busy-ness, I will try to blog less. It's the least I can do. (And I do mean, the very least.) :)

Never A True Aggie said...

Sorry. I just had to do a test to redirect the blogger account to my blog. I do miss your posts though.

Julie said...

Cheryl, where oh where are you?! It's the 9th, come back!!!!
Anxiously waiting....