Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Move: Part III

Sunday (April 6th) was just loverly. We woke up at our leisure (again) and had a nice, slow breakfast at the hotel. Then we drove. All. Day. Long.

We were finally able to hear some of conference, but not until the afternoon. The only talks we heard were Elder Bednar's, Elder Ballard's, and President Monson's. The only talk we heard in it's entirety was Elder Ballard's. I'm wondering if the Lord was trying to tell me something, hmmm?

Anyway, the day was slightly uneventful. Our kids are amazing travelers. Truly, they are! We've taken them on so many road trips, since birth, and so they are used to long drives. From Provo to Blackfoot and Provo to LA. From Concord to Blackfoot; from Concord to LA. My favorite? From Provo to Lethbridge, Alberta. And, of course, we have to drive back to Provo (or Concord). So, thereby, wherefore, and what with, our kids have gotten used to the car. Makes sense to me, since they really have little choice, you know.

So, we arrived at our empty house at about 8PM Sunday night. We got out the sleeping bags and air mattresses and had ourselves a nice little camp-out in our rooms.

The next day, we registered #1 for school, went grocery shopping, saw Brandon's office, and then drove to SLC to see my fabulous buddy, Ann. She was kind enough to let us hang out all afternoon, since I had no boxes to unpack, nor furniture to sit on. Plus, our kids like each other, so it works out well. We ended up staying through the evening --Brandon drove up after work --and we had dinner with them. Then it was back to our sleeping bags, etc.

Tuesday (the 8th) was #1's and #2's first day of school! We (the kids and I) walked #1 into her new classroom; she fell right into place, which didn't surprise me at all. #2 went to preschool --a fabulous woman in our ward teaches out of her home and #2 recognized several kids from the neighborhood. The boys and I went home and I started stripping wallpaper in the Master Bedroom. More obvious activities (lunch, picking up kids from school, etc.) and then that afternoon the truck came! With all our stuff! And we unloaded it! The EQ came to help and once again, we supplied the pizza. I labeled all the rooms so they knew exactly where to go. We were done in just over an hour.

The next couple of days, you can imagine, were filled with unpacking. Even now, I'm still unpacking, although I really think I'll be done by this weekend. Yes, dear reader, it is true! I can't stand boxes full of stuff. I can't stand things not being in their place. I cannot stand knowing that things are lying about willy-nilly in random corners of the house. Now, once everything has it's place, then I can turn back into the housewife who doesn't care about messes. Well, actually, I do care that there are messes, I just get too tired to do anything about it. But for some reason, with moving, the adrenaline kicks in and remains for weeks, people! Weeks! Hallelujah for that!

So, today, I shall unpack the basement and finally put away my food storage (i.e. a whole bunch of canned goods). I shall also do something fun with the kids via my promise I made to them for this spring break -break. And go grocery shopping. And do laundry. And try to answer more emails. And pray I get a shower.

Coming up tomorrow: Sense and Sensibility! Also, "Why I Hate Renters." Ooh, it's gonna be good!


Jamie J said...

Elder Ballard's talk was phenomenal. I think it's going to be one of those that gets talked about a lot. Oh i can't wait for your S & S review. I LOVED it!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Bursts of adrenaline are my saving grace. :)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

PS- I need your email address to invite you to my blog, is the one that you posted on Friday September 14, 2007 a good one to email you at?

Leslie said...

I disdain unpacked boxes myself...but I've never gotten everything put away as fast as you do...holy awesome Batman!!!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for a nearly finished task. I still have a few boxes I never unpacked (we moved into this house 7 years ago). They're in the attic. I should probably just pull them out and get rid of them. But then that would require some actual effort on my part and it's not like they're hurting anything in the attic...

Julie said...

Congratulations. What a great feeling. And I loved Sense & Sensibility. Hope you did, too!

Anonymous said...

The boys and I went home and I started stripping

Seriously did a double-take when I read that.

I hate unpacking, but it's not nearly as bad as packing, so I can't say I hate it that much.

Good luck with that shower thing.

Amanda said...

I'm so glad that you had a good trip! Good traveling kids are a blessing for sure.

Good luck with the unpacking. I don't envy you on that.

Thanksgiving Point's Tulip Fest just opened. That might be fun for you and your kiddos.

Never A True Aggie said...

I love unpacking a lot. I really want to hear about your renters...good stuff. I am glad that you have eased back so easily. That's nice to hear.

Sara said...

Who is your friend Ann you're talking about? Is she from Blackfoot, I wonder?

It's great to hear from you again! I have a lot of catching up to do on your last few posts. Sounds like (from just reading this one) that you're settling in well and happy to be back in Utah. That's great. I am happy for you! :)
Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Cheryl said...

Yes, that's the right one. :)

Ann is one of my bestest friends in the entire world, but I met her while at college, so...no. She's not the Ann you're thinking of. :)

Michele Davis said...

Hey, now that we are in the same state again, we should get together and visit and the kids can play. I am willing to come to you since I am an hour or so away out here in Stansbury Park. I will be closer though, we are moving to Saratoga Springs next month. :) It is funny that I left CA to move out here and then you followed me back out here. :) Email me sometime so we can get together. shelbelle_2411@hotmail.com. Talk to you soon!