Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another American Idol Voting Off Show Review Thing

Tonight was interesting. Here are my thoughts:
  1. Mariah Carey is so full of herself, it's uncomfortable. And her hand motions whilst-a-singing annoyed me so badly I had to stop watching and just listen. Yeah, the girl can blow, She bothers me.
  2. Elliott Yamin! Oh, how I loved him when he was on the show (with Taylor and Katherine, right?). I still like him --he did a great job. It was so sad that his mom died! She was amazing, too and literally a part of the show. So, very sad. :(
  3. Brooke totally thought she was going home. And I wasn't sure if she was crying because she was relieved, sad for Kristy Lee, or upset that she didn't get voted off. Honestly? I think the pressure's starting to get to Brooke. Bad.
  4. David was wise to sit on the floor. I know they did that in another season, and I believe the contestant did the exact same thing. Good for you, David!
  5. Sayesha deserved to stay. I was okay with Kristy Lee going home, and I wouldn't have been sad if Carly had gone home, either. But I was honestly relieved to see Brooke stay.
  6. Someone mentioned (was it Susan M? I can't remember.) that a very interesting pattern is going on at AI. Every week, it's a different gender being voted off. Male, female. Male, female. And looky-here! It's happened again. Kind of odd, eh?
  7. The Ford commercial/video was pretty good. I thought they all looked hilarious in their office garb, especially Brooke! Too funny.
  8. The question and answer session was very funny this time. Simon rocks! I love that guy. Don't always agree with him, but I think he's just great.

What did you think?


Heather said...

I'll have to remember not to read your reviews of AI until after it's aired out on the west coast... spoiler!! I forgot about 7PM primetime in Utah...lucky.

Jamie J said...

I know it stinks we have to wait so long to watch these shows. I am worried about Brooke. I think you're right--she's under a lot of pressure and it's looking like she might not be able to take it. I'm glad that Kristy Lee went home. It was past her time. Mariah Carey reminded me of my elementary school music teacher. She used to mark all the notes with her hand--you know when the note is higher the hand goes higher and the other way around. That's totally what Mariah was doing. I had to not watch either, she was bugging me too much.

Jill said...

The pointing also really bothered me! It was distracting. I also think that Brooke should be reading your posts (and the ones Julie has) and pull herself together. Your comments would do her a world of good. I was a little bothered by the Ford commercial. I can't really put my finger on what it was, but something about it didn't sit well with me.

Susan M said...

It was that yet again, they're using a Queen song! Argh. Let Freddie rest in peace please.

I have a soft spot for Mariah, even though she's turned into a demented diva type. I actually can't wait to hear her new album.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on the Mariah hand gestures thing--I told my husband it was driving me crazy.

We were totally laughing though after David A. sat down and then Ryan was trying to tell him to come over to the one group and he just wasn't getting it until finally David C. went and sat down next to him and then when Ryan said they were all safe and Carly acted completely surprised. Hello--nobody was getting it.

We also had to laugh at the little interview with Jason Castro where he said he didn't get to the beach much but he liked it and Ryan was like o-kay. I think he's so cool, but the way he says things makes him come off like such a dork.

I was relieved Brooke wasn't voted off, but I'm afraid her days may be numbered.

Susan M said...

I'm hoping Brooke's days are numbered---do we really want her winning? She'll do better without all the hoopla surrounding being the winner. I don't want her to leave yet though. She should make the top 3.

Jason Castro = total stoner.

Cheryl said...

Agreed, yes, but David is LDS and he's sure to win. Well, he seems to have a very protective father, so I'm sure he'll be okay. Or end up like Britney Spears. Ugh.

Susan M said...

Oh, I meant musically she'd be better off. David A is the perfect candidate, musically, to be an AI winner.

I forgot to say I was really touched by Elliot's tribute to his mom, he's such a nice guy.

Cheryl said...

Oh! Okay, that makes more sense --and I agree. David would be better musically...

Julie said...

David A. is just the type of guy that wins this competition. That doesn't mean he'll have the best career, but he will most likely win. I wonder if Brooke will even pursue music after this? She seems to be realizing what it is going to take to make it and I wonder if she isn't sure she wants to make those sacrifices (sibling's weddings, having children, etc.). I would have to agree with her, too, maybe success of that nature isn't all it's cracked up to be. I am glad she got to stay at least another week, though, so it makes missing her sis's wedding a little more worthwhile.
I can't believe I forgot to mention Mariah's hand gestures! She seemed extremely nervous up there and I think that was a tick she has (who wouldn't be nervous singing in front of Simon Cowell?).
Speaking of, he made me smile tonight.

Anonymous said...

Jason Castro = total stoner

Ha! I just thought he was a total dork, but the stoner thing makes perfect sense. It doesn't make him less of a dork, though.

I really enjoyed Elliot's performance--he does seem like such great guy, too.

I don't think there's any chance that Brooke will win the whole thing, but I'd like to see her stay in it past Carly and Syesha at least.

Amber- aka kanga5 said...

Mariah- is a Primary Chorister. Ha ha ha!! Didn't you ever have a chorister that led the music like that?! Granted I never had one that dressed like she does. Mariah's just buggin'. She does just seem very full of herself. And is it just me or does her face look different?
In any case I think Brookes days are numbered too. I wonder what all this has made her think... about everything.

Lizzie said...

Funny story: Lexi has been mimicking the dancing/swaying that people do while they sing lately, it's like her new fun thing to do. She likes holding a pretend microphone and moving her lips along with it to. She watched Mariah on Idol Gives Back with me, and Lexi was TOTALLY into the hand gestures! She was waving her hand all up and down. So see, it's not just an annoying habit, it's Mariah's way of helping deaf children connect to her music! If she didn't indicate with her hand when the notes are high or low, how would kids like Lexi understand?
(Please note the tongue in my cheek. I personally hate her hand gestures. It's like her hand and her voacl cords are connected by an invisible sting that cannot be cut.)

Cheryl said...

I totally knew you were kidding. :)

Amber (kanga5)-
She's just old now, I think. That's why she looks different.

For sure I hope Carly and Sayesha go before Brooke. I really do. But if she can't pull it together next week, I doubt she can stay.

And Julie, you were right on when you said it's hard for a person to choose a music career over children and family. Especially for an LDS person. I'm sure it would be a really hard decision to make. I mean, playing music for music's sake in small venues could totally happen. But to win American Idol? Dang! That's pressure.

Courtney N said...

Haha I knew you would be fine with Kristy going home. i think David A is gonna take it! he should cause he's awesome!!